Frieren lance une bande-annonce spectaculaire et confirme la date de sortie du deuxième volet

Frieren releases spectacular trailer and confirms release date for second installment

In addition to the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen and Spy X Family, the fall anime season gave us one of the most surprising series of the entire year: Freeze . The story of the elf sorceress who defeated the Demon King captivated everyone with the care given to each frame and spectacular animation.

After almost 30 chapters, the series says goodbye to an almost impeccable first part, but it seems that it will be more of a break than a goodbye. Thanks to a spectacular trailer, we learned that the second batch of Frieren episodes will arrive this Christmas, more precisely on January 5, via Crunchyroll.

In total, the first season of the series will consist of a total of 28 episodes, a bit longer than a standard anime season, and is expected to conclude in the spring. The success of Freeze This is not surprising, since two key factors influenced its wide reception: the animation studio and its director.

On the one hand, we have Crazy’s house , one of the most prestigious studios in Japan, behind high-caliber series such as the first season of One Punch Man or Hunter x Hunter. On the other hand, we have its director, Keiichiro Saito who was in charge of Bocchi the Rock , it was therefore to be expected that he would perfectly manage a work of this scale. It is expected that from the second season (if it happens) the pace will slow down significantly, since the manga is still in publication and only has 112 chapters so far.

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