Gabe Newell fait si bien des affaires que Steam a généré plus d'argent par travailleur en 2018 qu'Apple, Amazon et n'importe qui d'autre

Gabe Newell is doing business so well that Steam made more money per worker in 2018 than Apple, Amazon, and anyone else

If there is a store that dominates the PC video game market with an iron fist, it’s good Steam . Valve’s platform has competitors like Epic Games Store or GOG, but the truth is that the vast majority of users opt for the library led by Gabe Newell. However, some do not agree with this context.

This is what developer Wolfire thought in 2021, presenting a antitrust lawsuit against the company, which was fired in November of the same year. However, in May 2022, a new proposal was filed in court which has not yet been resolved and we have now been able to know juicy details of the entire process thanks to access to documents shared between the parties.

Thanks to GameDiscoverCo, we learned that a group of Valve employees decided to calculate the company’s efficiency, that is, to determine the income per capita. According to their estimates, Valve generated more money per worker in 2018 than such colossal multinationals as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft or Intel .

Due to the large amount of text that was covered, it is unclear how much text Valve’s model creates, but it is above $780,000 which were granted to Facebook members. In one of the emails, Nat Brown states that around 350 people have worked for Gabe Newell, which clearly shows his high level of efficiency.

Of course, we are talking about data that does not allow unequivocal conclusions to be drawn and another series of economic factors must be taken into account in companies to know their benefits. Even with that, it’s surprising how a team this size…Facebook had more than 35,000 employees in 2018 – could do so well. We’ll see how this legal mess ends, but let’s hope they have surprises as incredible as this one in store for us.

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