photo d'un club de jeu à paris

Gambling: Gaming circles appeal to everyone in Paris

To better regulate the legal aspect of gambling in Paris, a legal framework was applied as of January 1, 2018. Following this, many clubs opened their doors to aficionados of gambling and other fun games.

Since the establishment of this legal framework dating from 2 years ago as of the writing of this article, gaming clubs are attractive And some of them are already an institution within the capital. Since the Tranchant group inaugurated the Paris Elysées Club, which was, I remind you, the very first establishment of its kind to open, the opening of several other gambling clubs quickly followed suit. Among other things, we find the old Clichy circlebetting gaming circleCCM (the Clichy-Montmartre Circle) or even the Club Circus of the Ardent group and the Imperial Club Paris by Raineau.

The Montmartre Club has taken up residence in the famous and prestigious Gatsby Room., a magnificent place adorned with a Parisian luxury and a sobriety which made the glory days of this type of establishment. The success was rapid and players will be delighted to be able to discover new cash game games every day and other popular tournaments in the world of gaming circles. Regarding the success of this room, the current director, Alexis Laipsker, announces that not only Ile-de-France players were there, but also players from the four corners of the globe.

The poker temple in the heart of the capital

For the Barrière group, the opportunity to open a gaming club in Paris was a real godsend. Already well established with more than 34 casinos, 120 restaurants and 18 luxury hotels, the group did not wait to seize this opportunity. Open non-stop from 2 p.m. until 6 a.m., Club Barrière Paris has 14 poker tables and 13 tables reserved for matching games. poker 21, ultimate poker or even punto banco, there is something to satisfy all players. The establishment also has a restaurant, open from noon.
Barriere club Parisannual subscription, and a entrance fee 15 euros per person.

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On the architectural side, this gaming club offers a style designed in its entirety by the famous architect Bruno Borrione. The 8 rooms offered, we offer for each of them, a unique atmosphere inspired by the signs of the zodiac. Numerous portraits of the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont adorn the premises, a sort of a nod to the history of the place which formerly housed the old aviators club. This atmosphere pleases the players, but also the director of the premises, Lucille Denos, who explains that she is fully satisfied with the result, a clever mix between the original spirit of this historic building and the Barrière brand, a true institution for thousands of players around the world.

In each room, certain period elements, such as the woodwork, have been preserved and expertly restored. Other elements, such as the walls, have been exposed and reveal in certain places the bricks which constitute this incredible building decorated with velvet curtains and thick carpets on the period parquet floor.