GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB drops to $344, up to 20% faster than RX 7600 XT for $15 more

GeForce RTX 4060 Ti: For $15 more, up to 20% faster than RX 7600 XT!

In the competitive world of graphics cards, Gigabyte has just played a masterstroke by lowering the price of its RTX 4060 Ti model equipped with three fans and dedicated to gaming. Initially offered at a higher price, this card is now available at **$343.99**, a price adjustment that gives food for thought.

NVIDIA’s RTX 4060 Ti, despite its comfortable positioning at **$299** for the base version, is under increasing pressure with the arrival on the market of AMD’s RX 7600 XT. The latter, despite a speed slightly lower than that of the RTX 4060 Ti, has 16GB of RAM, thus jostling for position in the segment of economical graphics cards offering this memory capacity.

Last year, NVIDIA introduced a 16GB version of its RTX 4060 Ti, which was previously priced at **$430**, which represents a notable drop from NVIDIA’s initial suggested retail price. Despite a slight increase in price to **$444**, this pricing remains below the less attractive MSRP of **$499** set in July of the previous year.

Attention is now focused on the 8GB version, in particular on the Gaming OC model from Gigabyte. The price of this card has just dropped to **$343.99** at two major US retailers, indicating a price drop orchestrated by Gigabyte itself rather than by isolated initiatives by resellers.

This reduction makes the price **14% cheaper** than it was in June 2023, when it was **$399**. Although the card has regularly been offered at up to **10% lower**, this is the first time it has reached this price point.

According to a review by TechPowerUP, the 8GB version of the RTX 4060 Ti shows a performance advantage ranging from **10% to 20%** compared to the Radeon RX 7600XT. This is a considerable gain when you take into account the price difference of only **4.5% ($15)** compared to the Radeon GPU. Unless you’re aiming for 4K resolution, which is not the target market for this 128-bit model, this represents a much more attractive offering than the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB, which is currently available at the lowest price of ** $444**.

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This readjustment by Gigabyte highlights the volatility and competitiveness of the graphics card market, especially in a context where manufacturers seek to offer the best value for money. It remains to be seen how gamers and gaming enthusiasts will receive this price change and what impact it will have on the general graphics card landscape.