Geomarketing, advanced prospecting technology and business development

He Geomarketing is the combination of geographic data, geolocation technologies and marketing strategies to understand and reach customers more effectively. More and more companies are using geomarketing for their internationalization, to carry out market research, to correctly locate their commercial network and analyze their competitors.

In essence, the Geomarketing It is based on the concept that the geographic location of consumers and businesses is a key factor in market behavior and business success. Geographic information operates according to a logic of proximity, distance and concentration of opportunities and includes data such as population and business density, socio-economic and demographic profiles, consumption patterns, location of points of sale, competitors, sales volume by product, sector of activity and areas.

By combining this data with analysis techniques and geospatial tools, using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology, businesses can gain a more accurate view of their target market’s behavior and make more informed decisions.

Retail companies like McDonald’s already use geographic data to select strategic locations for their restaurants, while logistics companies like Amazon use geomarketing to optimize delivery routes, or hospitality companies like Starbucks use it to adapt their offers to different locations and audiences.

To obtain qualitative results through the use of this technology, it is essential to have access to a database that is as reliable and complete as possible. In this regard, only Informa D&B, as exclusive partner of Dun & Bradstreet in Spain, can offer information on more than 500 million businesses worldwide integrated into its OmniData Marketing solutions, among which its geopositioning tool stands out Geomarketing in Atlas Informa.

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Geomarketing inAtlas Informa allows companies to discover the optimal expansion areas for their business in Spain, Europe or the world, accessing the B2B and B2C market from a single platform, with visualization and interpretation of geographic data.

Conrado Martínez, marketing director of Informa D&B and advisor to inAtlas, highlights some of the benefits of using Geomarketing in Atlas Informa: “This solution enables precise market segmentation, facilitates personalization of marketing and sales messages and strategies, helps optimize resources by focusing marketing efforts on areas of highest potential, provides valuable insights that help to business decision-making, improves planning and logistics by establishing more efficient distribution routes and facilitates the expansion strategy of companies in all sectors. Thanks to inAtlas technology, we obtain the perfect combination of data, visualization and geoanalysis of information to facilitate its interpretation and decision-making.