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Get Civilization 6, its expansions and other DLC as well as other hits from Sid Meier for less than 15 euros

With only six episodes released over three decades, Civilization is widely considered the best strategy saga in video games. His way of engaging us so that we always play another round before finishing the game is something that has been passed down from generation to generation for over three decades. You still don’t have the latest opus in your library? The unequivocal sign you’ve been waiting for has just arrived.

The lot The Ultimate Sid Meier Collection It is available in Humble Bundle and in it we will find four parts of the Civilization saga, expansions, DLC and other gems for PC with the unique touch of Sid Meier. The profits will be donated to a charity event under the “pay what you want” concept, although the minimum contribution to get all the content is a ridiculous 14.12 euros. What will we receive in return?

In exchange for our donation, the bundle offered by Humble Bundle contains the complete editions of 12 essential games for strategy enthusiasts, including Civilization III, Civilization IV Yes Civilization V .

Of course the sweetest item is Civilization VI , which comes with its expansions and tons of DLC; but there is room for classics like The colonization of Sid Meier or the complete collection of Civilization: beyond Earth . Not bad for less than 15 euros.

Below you will find all the games and content included in the bundle.

  • Civilization VI
  • The DLC Civilization VI: Gathering Storm
  • The DLC Civilization VI: Rise and Fall
  • The DLC Civilization VI – Vikings Scenario
  • The DLC Civilization VI – Civilization and scenario of Poland
  • The DLC Civilization VI – Civilization and scenario of Australia
  • The DLC Civilization VI – Civilization and scenario of Persia and Macedonia
  • The DLC Civilization VI – Civilization and scenario of Nubia
  • The DLC Civilization VI – Double civilization and Khmer and Indonesian scenario
  • Civilization: beyond Earth – The collection
  • Civilization V : The complete edition
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates!
  • Civilization IV : The complete edition
  • Civilization III : Complete
  • Sid Meier’s spaceships
  • Sid Meier’s railways!
  • Ace Patrol by Sid Meier: Pacific Skies
  • Ace Patrol by Sid Meier
  • The colonization of Sid Meier (Classic)
  • Sid Meier’s Secret Action (Classic)
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Now the offer doesn’t stop there: by purchasing the lot we will get a 75% discount on the Cross a new frontier, the Civilization content pass which, without applying the discount, is officially valued at 40 euros.

To put things into perspective, if we add up the value of all the games included in the bundle The Ultimate Sid Meier Collection and we put them in the basket, the total would be 446.83 euros. But the best part is that they are offered in code form, so if we already have any of the games in our PC digital library, we can give them away. It’s always good to have allies in titles that offer multiplayer.

From there, a reminder: the pack The Ultimate Sid Meier Collection will only be available until Friday November 3 . So, as with the best strategy games, you have time against yourself to take advantage of this promotion. For our part, and as always, we warn you.