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GG Trad: everything you need to know about the Google Translate tool

Launched online in 2006, Google Translate has billions of users across the planet. Available on the Web or from a Smartphone, this application translates over a hundred languages ​​together. The user only has to enter the original word or phrase and the tool will express it in the language of their choice. Find out more about this free tool from the giant Google.

Google translate: the free translation tool par excellence

100% free, Google Translate is a tool available online to quickly understand a word or expression in a language other than yours. To take advantage of this platform, you should go to “translate.google.com”. It is accessible from any browser. It is part of Chrome’s native services. Otherwise, it is also possible to download the mobile application from the App Store or Play Store. It is compatible with smartphones running Android and iOS. Users will even be able to obtain a translation of a notice, an advertisement or a plaque in a foreign language. All they have to do is take a photo of the text to convert. From 2018, the new settings integrate the notion of gender, oriental fonts as well as the alphabet of many countries.

Google Translate

Google translator, aka gg trad, is a very effective online tool for translating text into the languages ​​of your choice. This 100% free translation service offered by Google offers many features and is fully integrated with the Google Assistant.

In its early days, this tool translated English into Arabic and vice versa. Indeed, it was based on an SMT statistical system. Clearly, the algorithms draw on data stored at Google. The process based on referenced documents and books was much less relevant than currently. Furthermore, the robots translated each word separately without taking grammar into account. With e-learning, the service has evolved significantly. As of 2010, GG Trad was able to decrypt an entire web page. From 2016, Larry Page’s team integrated the neural system into the application. This technology at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence makes it possible to obtain converted sentences with a meaning faithful to the original. They even take context into consideration.

How does the GG trad aka Google Translate tool work?

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In 2016, the app adopted an artificial intelligence-based translation system, where translations are carried out by a network of machines. It is important to translate sentences taking into account the context in which they are written in order to keep their original meaning.

After two years, Google adopted a new setting regarding gender. This means that the application will now offer two different translations depending on the user’s gender, so as not to impose a single translation. GG Trad supports a wide range of languages, from English to Eastern and Western languages, dialects and different scripts or alphabets used around the world.

The unique features of Google translate to know

GG Trad is an extremely popular application, used frequently and capable of translating many texts. In order to best illustrate the different functionalities offered by the tool, here is an overview of the most popular functions of the GG Trad tool.

More than 500 million people around the world use this application. Most translations concern the following languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Indonesian and Portuguese. The GG Trad translation app has over 100 billion words, phrases and sentences translated every day.

There are words that have momentary popularity, like “selfie” in 2015. After the death of musician Prince, searches for the phrase “purple rain” increased significantly. Additionally, more than 3.5 million people contribute to improve translations. Google’s Translator Community Suggestions service has helped improve the efficiency and relevance of translations over the years.

Brazil has been identified as the country where the most translations are done outside the United States, with 92% of translations carried out outside the United States.

The interpreter function available from the Google Assistant

Google Assistant has also benefited from improvements made to GG Trad over the years. The “interpreter” mode is a new feature of the application which will be compatible with Google Assistant. The app’s operation is based on the voice command “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish” or “be my Russian interpreter” to activate the voice assistant to provide help. Google Assistant can instantly translate from the original language to your chosen language.

Since Google Home is already configured for dual-language translation, there is probably no need to specify which language the sentence should be translated into. In some cases, the language assistant can automatically recognize the second language if you simply say the desired phrase. The interpreter mode supports 27 languages, which makes it very useful.

User testing has shown that the system has shortcomings. The assistant does not understand all the words and it takes time for it to process the data. A professional human interpreter could provide the translations instantly. Besides the fact that people have difficulty communicating with robots, robots are not very effective. The “interpreter” mode is a service that allows conversations to be translated in real time. It is available on devices in the Google Home range, as well as on certain smartphones, tablets and connected screens.

Pixel Buds: headphones designed for Google translation

Marketed in 2017 by Google, the Pixel Buds are headphones that have been designed to make the most of the translation functions offered by GG Trad. In particular, they offer the possibility of conversing in real time with a person speaking another language. Unfortunately, to be able to take advantage of this function capable of translating conversations in more than 130 languages, you will need to have a smartphone from the Pixel range.

Control your translation history

Just like on your internet browser, GG Trad keeps track of the translations you have carried out thanks to its various functionalities. By going to the settings of the application or your Google account, you can, however, choose to keep or delete them.

Translate an image

It is now entirely possible, via the dedicated function of the GG Trad application, to translate the text of an image, such as, for example, a restaurant menu, a signage sign, or even a manual. To do this, you will only have to point the lens of your camera towards the visual so that in real time, the application superimposes the augmented reality translation on the original image.

Translate a voice

Still via the application, the function for translating a voice proves to be particularly effective during conversations or translating the soundtrack of a video for example. This GG Trad tool is unique in its kind and all you need to do is use the microphone icon of the application instead of the text space.

How do I use Google Translate offline?

Google has annweThis of the ameLiorations apporteare has her outhe of traduction in Ligneous, Google Traduction. The software is now able to translate full sentences more smoothly, and it is also available offline. This software works without Wi-Fi or data and is compatible with iOS and Android. Many international travelers don’t make the effort to activate their data plan when visiting a foreign country. Google Translate offers downloadable packages in 52 languages ​​for offline use, which is very convenient. These data packets were compressed, reducing them from 250 MB to approximately 25 MB each. Which means download times are shorter and they take up less space on your smartphone. You just need to open the app to configure offline mode. Tap the arrow next to the language you want to download. This feature allows users to translate text without Wi-Fi while abroad.

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The team behind Google Translate also announced a Tap to Translate feature for Android devices. This means that words from a read story can be copied and translated immediately. This feature is compatible with all 103 languages ​​of Google Translate.

How to take advantage of real-time translation with GG Trad?

To use the real-time translation feature, simply press the “Translate” button and select the language you want to use.

Translate a single sentence

Sometimes it is enough to translate a simple sentence into another language, such as “where are the toilets”. Whatever the nature of the query, Google Translate can help translate quickly. To get started, launch the app. At the bottom of the screen, above the microphone, the user must select their language as their first language and then choose the language of their interlocutor as their first language. Then he must press the microphone button and start speaking. Press the “stop” button once you have finished translating the sentence.

Translate a conversion in its entirety

You can also choose the transcription function to help you write down what you heard.

GG Trad remains the leading application in its category

The statistics on the use of Google Translate speak volumes about its relevance. The publisher reports figures that make you dizzy.

  • 500 million users worldwide. Most of them are travelers. When traveling, they use their cell phone camera to help with the pronunciation of foreign names.
  • 6 languages ​​dominate interactions on the platform. English, Spanish and Arabic are in the top 3. The entries also include a large proportion of Russian, Indonesian and Portuguese expressions.
  • 100 billion words and sentences are translated daily from this app.
  • 3.5 million users contributed to improving services. They submitted their suggestions through the GG Trad community.
  • 92% of conversions are made outside the United States. Brazilians are the biggest customers for this free service.
  • 2015: Google Trad became a way to find out the most translated terms. Data indicates that users are typing words and phrases related to current events. The peaks were observed for the translation of the title “Purple rain” during the death of singer Prince.

“Interpreter” mode and various other features

  • Google Home integrates the “interpreter” mode from 2019. The operation remains easy to understand. The user can formulate their request with simple and natural headlights. The virtual assistant does interpreting, but can also take on the role of foreign language teacher. In addition, it automatically detects expressions to translate in interactions. The translator is capable of translating more than 27 languages. Intended for the connected speaker, Interpreter mode is available on all smartphones and tablets connected to the Internet.
  • Pixel Buds were released in 2012. This pair of Bluetooth headphones is exclusively dedicated to mobiles produced by the Mountain View firm. She also has the merit of joining GG Trad. The user actually has a translator whispering in their ear. Which helps when watching a film in the original version. The user has the possibility of having a conversation with a person who speaks a foreign language. This accessory costs 130 euros.
  • Another service offered, the translation of a recorded voice is done by activating the microphone on the application. The user can take an audio capture if they wish to have the conversion later. Moreover, he has the possibility of managing the history of his requests. In this way, he can review other words that he has already learned before. Out of respect for privacy, removing all traces of translation can be done very easily.

Alternative solutions to Google Translate

Intended for the general public, GG Trad is not suitable for businesses and users who want optimal reliability. The oldest application of the same type does not replace a human interpreter. However, Internet users can benefit from a platform offering services equivalent to those of competitors such as Babylon or Reverso, without paying anything. Here are some possible alternatives:

  • Microsoft Translator is GG Trad’s big challenger. The Windows editor makes the difference with the professional version of its tool. In addition to audio, the application allows you to understand texts on images and other screenshots. An offline interface is possible.
  • ITranslate is developed by Sonico Mobile. This is the reference when it comes to translating long texts. This tool recognizes unknown characters. It is also suitable for converting website pages. Conjugation is the strong point of this application which manages around a hundred languages.
  • Linguee is one of the oldest online translators. Launched in 2009, it supports almost 25 languages. Long sentences are converted in different ways, taking into account several contexts.

GG translation: where to find information on the latest features?

As you can imagine, Google didn’t do things by halves with its GG translation tool! Indeed, it is constantly evolving, and we constantly find new features in this tool like no other… With increasingly serious competitors, this is completely understandable: Google wants to show that it is still present in the world of translation!

However, it is clear that Google communicates very little on this tool. With few features that allow it to monetize all the work it provides for free, we can understand that Google prefers not to highlight all the latest updates on this tool used on a daily basis.

On the other hand, many websites do not hesitate to go daily to GG translation to see what’s going on, and find the latest updates and other improvements on this topic. If you want to know more, this article on GG translation will allow you to know more about the subject: thus, Google will no longer have any secrets from you, and you will no longer have any difficulty using Google Translate in your daily work!

Is it possible to learn to speak a foreign language with Google Translate?

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What are the best alternatives to GG Trad?

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