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It’s no secret that the crime film Girl In The Basement received rave reviews from critics.

Sara, a young woman in the film, aspires to be independent from her parents and to leave the family home as soon as she turns 18. However, her father has no intention of releasing her.

He kidnaps her, imprisons her in his cellar and abuses her for years. Keep reading to find out what happens to Girl in the Basement.

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Is there any truth in “Girl In The Basement”?

Girl In The Basement is based on the true story of Elisabeth Fritzl, who was kidnapped by her father Josef Fritzl at the age of 18 and held captive in his cellar for the next 24 years, where she was subjected to repeated sexual abuse, as reported by The Guardian.

He allegedly told Elizabeth’s relatives and friends that she had left home to join a religious sect.

Josef Fritzl and Elizabeth had seven children, three of whom he confined to the basement with her.

He brought his wife and three children upstairs, saying Elizabeth had dropped them off with a note. Tragically, one of their newborns died shortly after birth due to respiratory complications. Elisabeth’s older sister, Kirsten, became ill and died in 2008.

Authorities became suspicious when Josef brought the 19-year-old girl to the hospital with a note from her mother. Josef was arrested on numerous counts of enslavement, rape, coercion, and child abuse after authorities further investigated his crimes. The plot of the film is identical to that of the book, except for the character names. Although the director made some changes to the story, he remained generally faithful to the original.

One of Sara’s daughters becomes seriously ill near the end of the film, and Sara and her daughter are taken to the hospital by Sara’s father. Things take a turn for the worse for Sara and her child when the authorities demand to examine them and her medical documents. Sara and her father are questioned by the police after medical personnel are called.

After being held captive, raped and abused for 24 years, Sara finally tells her story in full.

It’s a terrifying story that compels us to contemplate the depths to which humanity can sink.

What is the GIRL IN THE BASEMENT 2021 movie about?

In Girl in the Basement, we witness Sara’s once exhilarating and joyful existence transform into a nightmare from which she cannot wake up.

Sara was an outgoing teenager who couldn’t wait to turn 18 so she could finally escape her overbearing father, Don.

Don locks her in the basement of their house and everything goes dark before she can blow out the candles.

Irene and her sister Amy continue to live upstairs while Don visits Sara in the basement to torture and rape her, while trying to convince her that Sara has run away. Several children are born to Sara while she is alone downstairs. Don ends up raising their youngest child, leaving him at the door with a note from Sara stating that he was her son and she couldn’t take care of him. Therefore, Irene believes Don when he says that Sara is guilty. Sara was held captive for 20 years, and when she managed to escape, her family learned the terrible reality of what was happening right beneath their feet.

What is the real story behind the plot of Girl in the Basement?

Elisabeth Fritzl came forward to authorities in 2008, claiming that her father, Josef Fritzl, had kept her captive for 24 years. While holding her hostage in the family’s basement, Josef beat her, sexually abused her, and even raped her several times.

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As a result, Elisabeth had seven children, three of whom remained in captivity with their mother, three were raised by Fritzl and his wife Rosemarie, and one died a few days after birth due to premature birth.

Fritzl affair

Officers decided to arrest Josef based on information provided by Elisabeth, who said he had kidnapped and raped her.

In March 2009, he was convicted on all counts and sentenced to life in prison.

Who is Elisabeth Fritzl, the girl from the cellar?

Elisabeth Fritzl was born to Josef Fritzl and Rosemarie in Austria in 1966. She was one of six children; his parents had three pairs of brothers and three pairs of sisters.

In 1977, when she was 11 years old, she was abused by her father.

At the age of 15, Elizabeth left school to start working as a waitress. In 1983, she escaped from her family and hid in Vienna with a friend. Twenty days later, the police found her and returned her to her family.

She returned to school to become a waitress and graduated so she could find work in the next town.

How did Elisabeth Fritzl end up locked in a basement?

In 1984, Austrian Josef Fritzl asked his wife Elisabeth to help him install a door in the basement.

Without knowing his true motivations or the impact it would have on his life, Elisabeth goes downstairs to help her father.

When she is about to leave, a small piece of cloth soaked in ether is placed over her mouth and nose to prevent her from leaving. Elisabeth did not realize that she was aiding her own father in his plot to imprison her as a sex slave. A long time ago, in the late 1970s, Josef Fritzl obtained official permission from the city authorities to build an underground prison cell.

Josef was able to obtain permission to build his nuclear bunker underground, as such structures were common in the United States during the Cold War.

In fact, the city council gave Josef a grant of £2,000 to help cover the construction costs. To access the cellar where he intended to take Elizabeth hostage, he had to open several doors. It’s been 24 years since I left the cellar where I lived.

The anguish that fell upon Elisabeth for the next 24 years knew no end; she must have felt like she was living in hell.

She had to resort to catching rats with her bare hands on occasion.

According to his writings, summer was the worst season of the year due to the oppressive heat and humidity.

Life was constantly changing around Elizabeth, but she felt stuck.

Initially, her father had chained her so tightly that she could barely move half a meter on either side of the bed. He untied her further, releasing the chain from her waist.

He removed the chain after a few months because it interfered with his sex life. For years, until his release in April 2008, Josef subjected her to repeated acts of sexual assault and rape. Over 25 years, he raped her at least 3,000 times, resulting in seven children. Growing up, Elizabeth’s children saw their father mistreat her.

Three of her children were with her in the cellar, while the other three presented themselves at the door of Josef and Rosemarie Fritzl.

The horrors and torture at the hands of his own father

In the past, Fritzl dictated letters to Elisabeth in which she claimed to be well but unable to take care of the children.

His wife, Rosemarie, being away, he traveled great distances to deliver them to her.

Although Elisabeth is devastated on the inside, she seeks comfort in the fact that her three children are living a better life than the one she sees down below.

Josef hit and beat her regularly.

He made Elisabeth play violent scenarios taken from pornographic videos. Elisabeth thus suffered physical and psychological damage. For the first five years of her life, she was completely alone.

In 1996, one of her children was born prematurely and died soon after. Only three days old, the infant had difficulty breathing and died in her arms. Josef eventually revealed to investigators that he had cremated the child’s remains. Fritzl’s defense at trial included an argument that Elisabeth’s unpredictable behavior was the reason he locked her up: he was trying to protect her from the dangers of the outside world.

His lawyer worked to portray Josef as a loving parent who made sacrifices for both his families.