Gmail: everything you need to know about Google messaging

In the 2000s, the decline of Hotmail and Yahoo benefited other providers in the electronic messaging field. Launched by Google in 2004 after 5 years of gestation, this application is currently the market leader with more than 1.5 billion users around the world. If you have not yet taken the plunge, these next lines can help you do so.

There Gmail messaging is free, but effective

100% free electronic messaging solution, Gmail is intended for personal use. Many subscribers have also adopted this application to manage their professional emails. Moreover, it is part of the Google Workspace toolbox. Multilingual, it can be opened from a PC or mobile.

Supported by all Smartphones running Android and iOS, Gmail is compatible with minimalist browsers such as Opera Mini for phones with a Java OS equipped with a mini azerty keyboard. Those who have Google’s operating system on their device have it as their default email. Regardless, the features remain the same everywhere. Sending and receiving emails remain the main offerings, but other tools are also available.

The effectiveness of Gmail relies on its filtering system. Unwanted content is quickly removed. Questionable phishing emails fall into the spam box. The user can also blacklist certain senders. Then, it is possible to separate personal emails from professional ones. A Gmail account multiple simultaneous addresses, even those that do not end in

Open my email box and take advantage of various features

Many Gmail users are content with receiving and sending emails. Still, the app includes other cool features. For example, it is possible to schedule the sending of an email. The user can specify the date on which they want to launch their email. It’s practical for distributing greeting cards in the middle of the New Year.

With connection on PC, the correction is automatic. The user can rely on this feature to send a message with impeccable spelling. The words are written in compliance with grammatical rules upon entry. Mobile subscribers are not left out. In addition to the corrector, they benefit from ready-to-use answer suggestions to save time.

Creating a Gmail account allows you to tag messages. The labeling changes from the folder system. It postage from the inbox. Then, filters and labels are also available to users. In other words, certain exchanges could be classified as important. Family, professional or newsletter categories can be created.

Limited storage space, but ok

The Mountain View firm offers limited content storage for its email service. Google account holders have 15 GB of personal space. This capacity is enough to keep Word, Excel, PDF attachments as well as a few photos. That said, the search engine also suggests other online data backup solutions. Gmail is compatible with Drive. Large files are automatically redirected to this Cloud service which has the advantage of being free.

Google also offers an alternative office suite to Microsoft’s Office pack. Users can use it to write a text or spreadsheet type document that they can send by email. The reverse is also possible. They can open an attachment without using Word or Excel. Their online counterparts Docs and Sheet are a great service to mobile users.

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Those who want storage space above 15 GB can still shell out the money. Google offers this service in the form of a subscription. The additional capacity gained can be used to keep attachments accessible at all times. This is also a place where third parties can find files through the Google Family program.

Hangouts, Google Meet, and other built-in features

Basic email services are free on Gmail. Most of the additional features are as well. Here are 3 of them:

  • Google Hangouts is an instant messaging service. It allows you to chat with any contact who has already exchanged an email. The person will see a message on the right corner of Gmail. Moreover, this tool is included in the interface. It makes it easier for mobile users. The latter benefit from a notification system. Hangouts can be used independently. This separate app can replace SMS.
  • The built-in Meet app is accessible to anyone who uses Gmail. It is a great alternative to Skype and other video conferencing software. Various features make it practical for professional teleworking use, in this case screen sharing. Each subscriber can join an existing meeting or create a new one.
  • The POP3 protocol allows you to read messages from other platforms including Outlook. Emails are displayed in Gmail using a dedicated label. It is also possible to respond by giving a completely different email address. This especially helps to maintain anonymity for certain delicate exchanges.

Compatibility with other apps

A Google account automatically entitles you to email service. At the same time, it allows you to subscribe to many third-party platforms. Thanks to Gmail sign in, it is possible to join Facebook and most social networks. The same email address also gives access to several Cloud services.

Gmail is associated with various publisher applications. It is linked to Google Calendar. If a user receives a confirmation email for an appointment, they will be asked to mark the event on the integrated calendar. The date, time, location and information in the mail can be extracted to fill in the digital ephemeris.

Each Gmail contact can be associated with the phone book. The Google account helps to automatically find the contact details saved on the mobile in the event of loss of a device. You just need to log in once via email and synchronization takes place without any special intervention.

For those who like to work on a personalized interface, it is possible to change the look of Gmail. It is also possible to opt for an original theme, in this case a photo imported from the gallery. It is mainly PC users who will benefit from it, but mobile users can also try dark mode.

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Conclusion: we recommend Gmail

Gmail should be adopted, even if this electronic messaging is not perfect. In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed that private data is compromised on this platform. Since then, the team of Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, has been able to fill the flaws. Messages are protected by an encrypted https protocol. In addition, two-step verification (2FA) remains possible. A 6-digit code received by SMS allows you to log in each time you change your device.