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Google Calendar, complete file on this tool dedicated to your organization

Since your time is worth gold, Google Calendar offers to manage it in a practical and fun way at the same time. Pre-installed on Smartphones running Android, this tool saves you from writing everything down in a notebook or scribbling on a cardboard calendar. In the third millennium, technology is making your job easier in many ways.

A digital calendar signed by Google to manage your time

The Calendar tool published by Google is a digital calendar with many features. You can mention your appointments there. It is also the ideal ally to remind you of the birthdays of loved ones. A notification system saves you from forgetting anything. This application is compatible with mobile phones, but is also suitable for tablet and computer owners.

Having the merit of being interactive, Google Calendar can be shared. This feature helps those who have to entrust the management of their schedule to a third party, in this case a secretary or a work colleague. The app also allows busy parents to get organized with their children by exchanging their respective memos.

The strength of this digital notepad lies in its simplicity. Over the course of updates, the publisher seeks to add features without making the digital tool more complicated than before. On the contrary, the various improvements make your daily life easier. In addition, the app can be easily used without an Internet connection, at least permanently.

Ready-to-use tool available on the Smartphone

Using Agenda requires a Google account or Gmail address. These two conditions allow direct access to the native Android application. After connecting, the user finds it on the list of programs appearing in the mobile operating system. Otherwise, simply go to and register. This process remains completely free and will only take a brief moment.

Google Calendar seeks to make things easier for its users. It is thus configured from the first opening. This ready-to-use tool requires a minimum 3G or ADSL connection initially. Then, it is always possible to adjust the settings for offline use. A few simple manipulations modify the operation, but above all optimize the appearance of the app. For example, blue is the default color, but other themes are worth trying.

In the presentation of Google Calendar (aka Agenda) displays the significant dates of the current month. It also reminds us of public holidays. Family and professional events may be included. The user has the option to record daily notes, including essential names and addresses.

Export other appointments or previous notes

Many Android phone users are well aware of the existence of this integrated calendar. On the other hand, few of them really take advantage of it and gain productivity thanks to its connected organizer capabilities. The majority just look at the calendar. However, the features of this application are surprising to say the least. You are entitled to several commands, including data export.

It is possible to get started with Google Calendar without starting with a blank slate. Those who already use an Outlook or Apple Calendar type organizer can import the contents. The process is still easy, but should only be done on a computer. Concretely, you have to look for the “Export” button on the source program. It is located in the Menu.

Contacts, dates, and notes exported from a third-party calendar can take multiple formats. They are tables or texts. In any case, Google Calendar has the necessary resources to transpose this information. The ideal would be to opt for CSV. It avoids any compatibility concerns. Mac users will also be able to check the vCard format before importing content.

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Great compatibility and simplified configuration

Agenda is configured as THE default calendar and notepad on Android. For iPhone or iPad users, you will need to adjust it manually from Settings. They must also log in from their Google account before they can start taking advantage of the tool. When this step is done, they will be able to import the data from their time management program on their PC or from Gmail.

The settings remain the same for all terminals (mobile and fixed). In particular, it is necessary to set the language as well as the region where the user is located. As such, Google automatically determines these two details from the data collected by your Chrome, its native browser. The person can always change the geographical location.

The time zone matters a lot to how Agenda works. The app detects that of the mobile network. If you are traveling, the clock automatically adjusts to local time. The program makes the setting based on the basic information of the phone, but mainly takes into account the IP address. These details can be modified manually if necessary.

To remember birthdays and cut meetings short

The usefulness of Agenda is based on notifications. The program is designed to remember events such as a friend’s birthday or parents’ wedding anniversary. This data is to be recorded according to the user’s convenience. The handling might seem complicated the first time, but quickly becomes routine.

An app that highlights family and commemorations of all kinds is very beneficial for busy people. “Heads in the air” can also use it for various professional or household tasks. The tool even allows you to limit the time for wishes and hugs. The designers estimate that a duration between 15 and 120 minutes is sufficient as a break.

The purpose of Google Calendar is not so much to remember significant events. Besides this feature, it helps manage productivity by calibrating business meetings. The notepad gives the start time of the meeting and its possible end. In this way, the user stresses less if he or she has a busy schedule for the day.

Combined with a Chrome extension for more pragmatism

The functionality of Google Calendar expands thanks to synchronization with other applications or platforms. Chrome extensions are designed to help with this. Checker Plus offers enough power to bypass compatibility issues. It has the advantage of being concise since everything is on a single page or a simple pop-up window.

For those who work on Google Chrome in PC version, you must use the search bar to add notes. Concretely, all you have to do is enter “cal”, then record all the information concerning the event. The date, time and many other details may be mentioned. Programs that recur monthly can be copied using the “drag and drop” functionality.

Either way, Checker Plus is a useful add-on that is completely free. Customization is free with a wide variety of colors to choose from. Notifications, the appearance of the buttons as well as various details can be configured on this essential daily management tool.

For those who want more features

Several alternatives to Google Calendar are available on the market. They offer more power for those who want an even more professional organizer.

  • Google Calendar Plus stands out for its customization options. In particular, it allows you to determine the number of days to display. Various controls are already in place, including the default duration of a meeting. This extension can hide weekends as well as public holidays. The user must activate the functionality they wish to use.
  • Event Merge is yet another Google Calendar extension. It helps to avoid duplicate events on a PC version when multiple calendars are open. This complementary tool is recommended to merge them and eliminate headaches. In addition, information such as color codes is kept.
  • TeamCal is the ultimate professional organizer. For good reason, it is used to manage the time of several people on a single dashboard. Managers and team leaders appreciate his pragmatism illustrated by a Gantt chart. In other words, the leader will quickly know the availability of each member of the team.