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Google Digital Workshops Certification: what is it and how to obtain it?

Since 2016, the world’s leading search engine has offered the general public free training focused on digital communication and Web marketing. Open to all profiles, the program is certified by Google Ateliers Numériques certification. If the idea of ​​acquiring new skills and expanding your CV with a qualification recognized by IAB Europe appeals to you, follow the guide!

What is the Google Digital Workshops Certification

Launched in 2012 under the original name Google Digital Garage is a non-profit program that aims to help people from all backgrounds acquire digital skills. In its beginnings, it is presented as a series of training workshops. In 2016, the initiative received a facelift and included new formats.

The courses take place exclusively online and are free. That said, there are also face-to-face versions produced in partnership with training centers, web agencies, universities or other entities. In addition, coaches provide live lessons on their YouTube channels. Understand that only online learning is free. For other formats, conditions vary from one service provider to another.

Like what happens at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, 4-day plenary sessions are organized regularly. Sometimes the speakers enrich the initial content divided into a wide variety of modules with themes such as digital culture, digital-based job creation or communication on the Internet.

The training is accredited by IAB Europe, the Interactive Advertising Bureau. This entity serves as an authority on standards and best practices in the digital economy. It brings together more than 150 companies, including online advertising specialists.


Who Should Attend ?

The free program is accessible to everyone, the only condition being an Internet connection. With certain partner establishments, it takes the form of a summer university open to all profiles. More than half a million people have benefited from this training since its creation. The majority of registrants are students who would like to add an additional qualification to their CV. They live in Paris, but also reside in forward-looking metropolises such as Rennes, Nancy, Montpellier and Saint-Étienne.

Then, there are people already in working life wishing to acquire the basics of marketing and digital communication. Since 2012, Google France has organized a tour in more than 250 cities to promote digital culture. Some 400 entities from various backgrounds have joined the initiative. Thus, certain Pôle Emploi beneficiaries were able to benefit from the training program.

The certification is also of interest to self-employed people and managers of VSE/SMEs who wish to make digital a growth lever for their business. Moreover, those responsible were supported by the trade chambers when the opportunity presented itself. Then there are digital marketing and communications professionals who see it as a way to boost their career. Then, more and more e-retailers and people who want to get into online sales are attending the sessions.

What would be the use of such a certificate?

The Google Digital Workshops certification aims to provide more understanding of how digital marketing works. During the sessions, the learner benefits from a skills assessment in terms of communication and commerce on the Web. He will have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge which may be useful to him in his professional career. Either way, it’s always one more point to highlight on a CV.

Those who want to get started in online sales will also be able to appreciate the different courses on digital marketing. They will receive the basics to start an activity on the Internet. In the era of social networks and mobile SEO, the modules focus on better use of the Smartphone to generate traffic or to earn money.

In addition to technical skills related to digital technology, the training offers the opportunity to acquire soft skills. Closer to personal development, certain teaching modules on how to have self-confidence and manage your reputation on the Web. There’s even a one-hour course on the different ways to land a job that suits you.

What does the training program consist of?

The French version of the Google Ateliers Numériques Certification is based on the platform https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/ateliersnumeriques/. It is entirely possible to follow the training as a self-taught person. That said, you can also get help from a coach or other people, in this case professors from partner universities. Whichever method you choose, you should go to the site’s home page to get an idea of ​​the consistency of the program.

Go to the Menu and you will see that there are many sections. Start by opening the tab titled online courses. You will see that there is a wide range of à la carte modules. Each unit is made up of short videos, role-playing exercises, real-life examples and a series of multiple choice questions (MCQs).

To obtain a certificate, a learner must complete all of the modules in the training pack they have chosen. For the Fundamental Principle of Digital Marketing theme, for example, you must complete 26 modules. Which requires around forty hours of training. These details are clearly indicated on the tab. At the end of the program, you should know how to gain visibility on the Web, in this case on search engines. The courses also focus on business strategies on the Web. You can even boost your business thanks to online advertising.

What are the different programs to choose from?

There are three categories of training on the platform. The digital marketing one includes 22 distinct choices, one of which explains how to start a business on the Internet. This program in question consists of 7 modules and the total learning time is estimated at 3 hours. There are also lessons on Google Ads which have been prepared by the SkillShop team, technical partner of this initiative. In the same category you have courses on the optimal way to create content for a website.

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For those who want capacity building with a view to professional development, Google has planned 8 training courses to choose from. They cover tips for increasing productivity and the best ways to communicate in business. There is even a module on public speaking. These are one-hour courses based on practical cases. The main goal is to strengthen your personal qualities.
The third category concerns the world of data. The training focuses on ways to protect data in business. There are also those that introduce you to the basic principles of coding and Machine Learning. In this part, the experts offer to share free ideas on artificial intelligence as well as its application to the business world. As you may have understood, certain themes are aimed more at an initiated audience. Also note that the left column of the platform contains filters to help you find THE training package that suits you.

How to register and follow the courses?


Registration should be done on the dedicated platform learndigital.withgoogle.com. Once on the site, go to the Online courses section. Click on a program that interests you. The ideal would be to start with the fundamentals of digital marketing. When you have chosen, press the “Start course” button. Before continuing, you should sign in with your Google account. Simply use your Gmail address or create a new one especially for the occasion.

Once you have completed the connection step, press the “Get Started” command. From this point on, you can train at your own pace. Watch course videos to fit your schedule. There is no limit on how long you should complete each module. Evolve according to your desires and needs.

When you complete a module, you should go through an assessment in the form of multiple choice questions. If the unit is validated, you will have a badge which certifies that you have completed the course and that your test results are conclusive. So, to obtain the Google Digital Workshops certificate on the Fundamentals of Marketing, you will have to obtain 26 badges.

How does Google validate your training?

After the 26th badge, you should still take a final exam. In short, you will have to obtain 32 correct answers out of 40 to be admitted. Which indicates that you already have 80% mastery of the subject. If you fail, you can always retake the test after a minimum of 10 hours. This wait gives you enough time to review the lessons. Check the modules on which you received a negative grade.

When you pass the final exam, the Google team sends your certificate to your email address. You will receive the document in your email in PDF format. It is recognized by IAB Europe member companies, but other companies may also appreciate it. They will even be able to verify the authenticity with the trainer, in this case the French managers of the Google Ateliers Numériques Certification program.

Experts recommend sharing the certificate on professional networks such as LinkedIn. Recruiters may be more interested in the profile of the job seeker who uses this tip. Those working in the private sector will also be able to show off their new qualifications. Perhaps their company will give them the opportunity to prove themselves in other, more digitally focused positions.

How to successfully obtain all the modules?

There are a few tips that help you understand online courses well. Although the training material is modern and in a fun format, it is important to stay focused when learning the lessons. The coaches also recommend creating summary sheets on paper as for students taking the baccalaureate. This mnemonic method allows you to remember the main points of each video.

Another tip is to self-evaluate. It involves asking yourself questions to find out how well you have mastered the lessons. Do not hesitate to watch the lessons again in replay if you have elements that escape your memory. In any case, the intermediate quizzes and exercises will consolidate your knowledge of each subject.

Sometimes, reformulation is effective in assimilating new concepts. Take the time to report to your spouse or friends the outline of the latest modules you have seen as part of your Google training. Use your own words to anchor the knowledge in your deep memory. If you can explain a seemingly complex concept in a simple way, you have truly mastered the topic.

How long are the certificates valid?

The Google Digital Workshops certification gives you a qualification valid for life. You can continue to present them whenever the situation requires it. It is also recommended to print your certificate to display it on the living room wall. Put a nice frame and leave the document in place so your children and the next generation know you have digital skills.

In short, you can use your Google certificates as you see fit. If you don’t need to print it or show it to someone right now, don’t. That said, for legal reasons, the email containing the document in PDF version is deleted from your email box after 2 years of storage. So, at least take the trouble to download it upon receipt. Keep it in your Drive storage. This way, you can easily attach it to an application file for example.

To go further, know that the Google Digital Workshops certification is the first in a series of training courses offered by the search engine. There is also the Google Career Certificate as well as the Google SkillShop. These are slightly more advanced programs which allow you to better master digital tools. They guide the learner towards a career in Web marketing and IT in general.

What should we remember from this article?

The Google Digital Workshops certification is a set of free online training courses. The program mainly includes videos, multiple choice questions and a final exam. Academics, entrepreneurs or job seekers, everyone can register and train at their own pace on the learndigital.withgoogle platform. The training does not provide a diploma, but allows you to understand the basics of digital marketing and digital communication. Other similar programs are also deployed by Google. Good luck !