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Google Docs, a free alternative to Microsoft Word

The Google Docs application is one of the alternative office tools published by the Alphabet group among which we find the following Google docs, sheets, slides and forms. The parent company of the search engine suggests through this parent program of Drive a major opponent for MS Word. Available online and 100% free, it serves those who cannot use Microsoft’s Office suite for various reasons.

Online word processing via Google Docs

It is possible to manage documents under Word to Google Docs and vice versa. This cloud-based word processing software is able to replace Microsoft’s in many practical cases. It allows you to read existing files. The tool also allows you to modify articles or create new ones. The publisher is mainly focusing on connectivity with a simplified sharing option with third parties.

This alternative word processor is compatible with a large number of operating systems. Windows users do not need to do any installation since it is a fully online SaaS service. Owners of Chromebooks or computers without the Microsoft Office Suite can also take full advantage of it. That said, it is mainly Smartphones and tablets that will count on Google Docs APK.

The app Google Doc APK online and offline

On a computer, it is possible to edit texts online in format Google Docs odt. This open source format is compatible with Android or iOS Smartphones. Mobile owners still have an interest in installing the application on their device. This allows them to write and format new articles while offline. The interface is entirely in French and has a practical guide.

This word processor remains operational on PCs outside the Internet. The user will be able to consult files with the suffixes “.doc”, “.docx” or “.dot”. To do this, you must use the Chrome Google Docs offline option. This is an extension that must first be added.

A wide range of features for the app

Better than a simple text editor, Google Docs offers a REST API component. It is a programming interface for personalizing content. This is a software solution intended for businesses and developers. The goal is to manage certain repetitive tasks more efficiently and to have forms available. As Google Form, the API allows you to edit invoices, pay slips, etc.
Google Slides
The alternative office suite offers templates. These are templates previously created to simplify the entry of certain types of documents. The program Google Docs download on mobile includes a large number of examples. The gallery displays CVs, letters, reports and brochures of all kinds.

Bonus: online word processors to know

In addition to open source applications which are royalty-free, SaaS tools alternatives to MS Word abound everywhere. Bill Gates’ team itself offers a no-download version of its text editor. Microsoft Office Online is almost the same as Google Docs. Alongside them are lesser-known, but equally powerful, programs such as Zoho Docs or Dropbox Paper.


Google Docs is the company’s free word processing program.
It is available for all operating systems as an online service that can be accessed using a web browser, as well as as an application for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Google Docs, like Google Sheets and Google Slides, is part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), which you can access through your Google Drive.
Google Docs is a relevant and effective alternative to Microsoft Word and the Microsoft 365 office suite. It is available online, as an application, or to install on your Windows or Mac computer. It’s free, cross-platform and easy to learn.

Why use Google Docs?

With its flexible, ergonomic design, Google Docs users can instantly access all the editing and formatting tools they need to create relevant and effective office documents.
It also contains a lightning-fast spelling and grammar checker that can identify and respond to language changes in your text (without you having to ask it to switch between languages ​​manually).

google docs software interface

Editing software

Among the Google Docs editing tools, accessible via the icons in the main menu bar, we can note the different fonts available, the insertion of special characters and equations, the adjustment of colors and character size , title templates, etc.
Naturally, you will be able to highlight text, make it bold or italic, add superscripts, use spell check and even employ automatic translation across the page.

The tool for copying and reproducing the formatting of a paragraph will also be appreciated by users.
Select the paragraph whose formatting you want to duplicate and click the paint roller button on the left.
Then the formatting application mode is activated.
The following words you type and those you choose will be changed automatically.
When it comes to harmonizing your entire file, this saves you a lot of time.

The design of the page is unique.

To review all the layout options available to you, open an existing document and go to the Format menu.
You can number your pages and include a header and/or footer in addition to the standard alignment, line spacing, and list formatting controls.

This is where you can add or remove rows or columns, merge cells, etc. if you insert a table.
When you add photos, you have access to cropping, rotation, placement and even coloring modules.

work with google docs

Adding hyperlinks and objects

As noted earlier, you can insert tables and photographs into your document, but you can also add drawings, whether they come from Google Drive or you create them from scratch.
Select Insert, then Drawing, and finally New.
A new window appears, displaying drawing tools such as arrows, lines, geometric shapes, text boxes, and even the ability to enter an image.

Charts can be added manually into your document, or they can be imported from Google Sheets, a spreadsheet tool.
Finally, hypertext links can be included, for example to redirect a title to a reference page.

Collaboratively created documents

Another important feature of Google Docs is the ability to share documents and folders in Google Drive.
You can collaborate on documents with other Google Docs users to edit and work on them.
The administrator and file owner must select Share and notify accepted collaborators and their access and editing privileges.
They can be readers (only allowed to view the file), commentators (only allowed to add comments), or editors (possibility to modify the entire file).
Each change is clearly visible to all participants.

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Note that Google Docs is part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), which allows users to work in a dedicated environment and generate and distribute documents more easily (even from Google Chat) (from Gmail, Google Chat , etc.).

Documents are automatically saved and uploaded.

Google Docs, like the rest of the G Suite office suite, including Google Sheets, the spreadsheet, and Google Slides, the presentation program, has a mechanism for automatically saving files to Google Drive.

As a result, Google Docs can generate, open, edit and share text documents with other software suites, as well as save in DOCX, ODT, RTF, HTML and TXT formats.
To download, go to the Files menu and select Download.
All you have to do is choose an export format.
Using fancy layouts or wacky fonts can cause compatibility issues.
Google Docs can also convert the document to PDF or EPUB format for use in e-books.

Other Google Docs features

It is possible to access Google Docs from any online browser with an Internet connection and a Google account, as there is no need to download or install anything, except your cell phone.
You can review and work on your office documents from any terminal, with any operating system, or from the mobile version, thanks to this amazing accessibility.
Google Docs is especially great for editing all your text files because of its portability and ease of use with any device.

You can create new documents, as well as edit existing documents, through the Google Drive interface.
In fact, the program can edit files in the following formats: ODT, DOC, DOCX, TXT, HTML and RTF.
It is worth mentioning that users have the option to use templates to create new documents (some of them are paid).

It is possible to convert PDF documents to Google Docs format for editing.
Images will not be included, and formatting will not always be respected, but sentences will be included.
You can also create a written document from an image.
Open a JPG or PNG image in Google Docs by going to the Google Drive interface.
If your image contains text, it will be identified and placed in your file under the imported image (like with OCR).

To use all the features of the text editor on a mobile device, you will need to download and install the corresponding applications.
Google Docs, which is available for Android and iOS, allows you to work on office projects offline, directly on your tablet or smartphone.

Features are easily accessible whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or huge computer screen, and auto-save as you type prevents you from accidentally erasing your changes and saves you time. Additionally, Google Docs functionality can be extended by integrating extensions and add-ons from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Other Google add-ons include Google Chrome extensions that allow you to open Word documents by dragging them into the Google Chrome interface.

What’s new in the latest version of Google Docs?

In the most recent version of Google Docs, a document comparison feature has been added.
To use the “Compare Documents” feature, go to the Tools menu when editing a file.
Begin the procedure by selecting the reference document.
If the document is shared, you can assign the changes to one of the participants.
It is also possible to include comments in the document.

There are now options to change page numbers.
Users can now insert page numbers in the header or footer, and the numbering will start at a given number and on a certain page.
Ideal for removing the number from your abstract and cover page, for example.

When typing, writers will appreciate the display of the number of words and characters.
Select Tools, then Word Count.
A new window appears, displaying the number of pages in your file being edited, as well as the amount of words and characters with and without spaces.
Simply check the box and the number of words will be displayed as you type.
These statistics can also be viewed via the More button on Android and iPhone, iPad versions.

Android 10 (and up) users have had the option to use the app’s dark mode since June 2020 (which may be set by default depending on your system settings).

In September 2021, Google will add a useful feature to Google Docs: the ability to add an image watermark to your documents.

What operating systems is Google Docs compatible with?

Due to its online nature, Google Docs is compatible with all Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. All you need is a Google account, a web browser and an Internet connection to use it.

Users who want to use this software on their smartphone or tablet can get it from the Play Store for Android 4.4 or later, and from the App Store for iPhone and iPad with iOS 11 or later.

What are the best alternatives to Google Docs?

There is a large number of office software available.
There’s everything: paid with lots of features, free but without Internet storage, with or without advertising…
Users should choose the program that best suits their needs.

When we think of word processing, the first thing that comes to mind is Microsoft Word.
Previously it could be downloaded separately, but now it is part of the Microsoft 365 office suite, which includes Microsoft OneDrive storage. This paid software includes more editing options, including formatting templates for letters, resumes, and other documents.
The fact that the online version is free is an undeniable advantage.

The popularity of free or open source office suites is undeniable.
WPS Office is one of them, since it includes a word processor as well as a spreadsheet, a presentation editor and a PDF editing tool.
WPS Office’s ability to open documents in tabs, even if they come from other applications, is one of its main features.
This means you won’t have to run multiple programs to move from one file to another.
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and mobile devices are all supported (with advertising).

dark mode google docs

LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite offering many features.
You have a vector drawing application and a math equation editor in addition to the word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor.
The user interface is friendly and smooth, and the tools are robust, but the service lacks Internet features and a storage service.