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GPS watches from 2002: An update on the latest models

Indicating geolocation and various useful information, the GPS watch is available in a multitude of models. Some of them are designed for boating. Others help with orientation during hikes. Brands even offer GPS watches for people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Follow the leader.

GPS watches for practicing nautical activities

garmin quatix

The nautical GPS watch is both complete and versatile. It displays the exact geographic position by specifying the longitude and latitude. Data such as speed in knots is also provided in addition to the time. Among the best models of the moment, you have:

  • Quatix Garmin 6 : this connected GPS watch uses the Galileo and Glonass platform. It is a barometer, a compass and a gyroscope. Users are even entitled to an integrated cardiogram as well as a music player. Autonomy reaches 14 days.
  • Ronstan RF 405 Series Clearstart : this timepiece of Australian origin combines several features, including Race mode for nautical races. A countdown timer and other tools are displayed with a backlight. Loud sound alerts for notifications. This model is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters.
  • Sunnto Core Regular back : This is a name to remember when it comes to GPS watches. Priced below €300, this Race Timer brings together around ten tools, including a thermometer, a barometer, an altimeter as well as latitude and longitude. When diving, it indicates the depth.

GPS watch for a person with poor memory


GPS watches for seniors are designed to ensure the safety of their wearers. These users may have memory impairment due to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Charcot and Huntington’s syndrome. Recommended models include:

  • Weenect Silver : it is more of a beacon bracelet than a watch. Without a screen, it must be connected to a Smartphone. Connected to a GPS network, this device contains an SOS button. Family members or an assistance service can then come to the person’s aid.
  • LinkooGPS for Alzheimer’s people
  • Wonlex : this Smartwatch gives more than geolocation. Easy to use thanks to its touch screen, it allows you to make a call if necessary. Around fifteen numbers of relatives or SAMU make up its repertoire. The brand also offers models for children.
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Hiking or multisport models

polar pacer

This category includes versatile GPS watches. Helping with orientation, they are intended for an outdoor sporting activity, in this case hiking. The best models equipped with numerous sensors allowing you to visualize the state of health of the wearer of the device.

  • Garmin Epix : priced at €900, this high-end multisport Smartwatch is designed for hikers, mountaineers and runners who practice ultra-trail. Its long list of features includes weather, cardio, oximeter and remote assistance.
  • Polar Pacer Pro : this model adapts to 130 distinct sporting disciplines. Very robust and waterproof, it complies with military standards. Autonomy reaches 35 hours in GPS mode. He takes on the role of sports coach and dietitian by giving advice on nutrition.