Graphic design: 4 tips for your brand image

Every business has a story to tell and graphic design can help convey that story to the public. It is indeed possible to use certain elements or graphic visual devices to communicate ideas with impact. In this guide, we give you 4 tips for building your company’s brand image.

Personalize your paper supports with a tailor-made logo stamp

Every company sends invoices, letters or invitations to its customers or business relations on a daily basis. To maintain your brand image, it is important that each of these correspondences be personalized from your company logo. Thanks to ink pads, you can add a personal touch to your communication media, such as:

  • loyalty cards,
  • kraft bags,
  • the packages,
  • the boxes,
  • packaging,
  • the stickers,

It’s easy for your business tobuy a personalized stamp of your logo, thanks to a studio of graphic creation online. After receiving your order, it generally delivers to you within a week. In addition, you have the choice between different ranges of personalized logo stamps including: the large logo stamp, the wooden logo stamp and the self-inking stamp.

With the large logo stamp, for example, you can personalize your kraft bags, cardboard boxes and packaging. This stamp is also available in a textile version to mark fabric bags, work clothes and labels. The self-inking stamp allows you to affix your company signature with logo on your commercial mail. This stamp is generally supplied with an integrated inking cassette. Finally, the wooden logo stamp allows you to personalize business cards, packaging and shipping boxes in an ecological and sustainable way.

ink stamp, personalize your packaging, logo

Communicate about your business with flyers

We can also enhance the image of a brand with flyers. The flyer is actually a mini advertising poster which contains images and informative texts about a company. Most of the time, it gives the public a positive image of the brand. For this reason, the flyer is considered a weapon of communication formidable that stimulates consumer interest. It is a space-saving support that you can distribute in busy places such as: gardens, supermarkets, shopping streets, festivals, etc.

With a flyer, you can promote the launch of your structure’s activities or the running of an event. To attract the attention of the public, however, your flyer must be printed with good quality paper which reflects your professionalism. You have the choice between a glossy paper and a very sober matte paper. The most important thing is not to print your flyers with a weight less than 120 g. This could tarnish the image of your company among the public. Be sure to entrust the design of your flyers to a professional printing company for optimal results.

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Take care of your brand image with professional business cards

The business card is widely used in the professional environment as a communication tool. It allows companies to establish contact with possible customers or partners. A true reflection of the brand image of a company, care must be taken to its design. To begin, take care to mention on this tool all the standard information of a professional card, in particular:

  • the name and logo of the company,
  • the first and last names of the director,
  • company contact details (telephone number),
  • the address of the company.

Then, to stand out from your competitors, add a photo so that your interlocutor remembers you in the blink of an eye. You can also map the organization’s website. Regarding the format, you have the choice between the simple business card and the double-sided card. Opt for the simple business card, as it is easier to handle. Also choose sober colors for your commercial support. Preferably, uselogo colors of your company.

As for the type of paper, printers today use “designer papers” to embellish business cards. These papers in no way diminish the professional appearance of the card. These include:

  • iridescent creative paper,
  • silver creative paper,
  • golden white creative paper
  • rive design creative paper.

The iridescent creation, for example, has a satin and matte appearance with a hint of glitter. She thus gives a sophisticated and elegant character to your business card. This is also the case for the golden and silver white creation. Conversely, rive design paper brings an artisanal and vintage touch to your card. One thing is certain, with one or other of these creations, you will be able to improve the brand image of your company.

creation of company logo, graphic charter

Create a website to promote your brand image

In the digital age, you cannot promote your company’s brand image without going online. Specialists often recommend that businesses create a website to gain a prominent place on the web. Thanks to a site, you have the opportunity to defend your vision in a space dedicated solely to your business. In addition to being a guarantee of professionalism, this digital platform will allow you to gain new partners and customers.

Furthermore, it is crucial that your site is well presented to the public. Your digital platform must contain all the information related to the company’s history, its expertise and its missions. We also need to know more about the organization’s management team and network of activities. You can call on web designers for example, to help you improve the presentation of your site.

These professionals have the expertise necessary to provide visual content interesting to your platform. They are also able to strengthen the linking of your site with internal and external links. These are often links that send Internet users to blogs related to the company’s activity. However, specialists can also integrate the references of the organization’s various social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).