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Guide to YouTube MP4 Converters

Subject to copyright, clips and films on YouTube are not directly downloadable. However, these contents can very well be saved on your device thanks to the converters. If you are looking for solutions to transform streams into MP4 files available offline, the next paragraphs are for you.

Converters to convert YouTube streams to MP4 files

Thanks to the converters, you can easily download content shared on YouTube channels. Take the opportunity to save your favorite songs, live concerts, or even entire films to your computer. Of reasonable size, MP4 video format files offer a number of advantages. This compression makes it possible, among other things, to store a larger number of music clips without taking up the internal memory of your terminal.

The MP4 format ensures appreciable image quality as well as a high-fidelity soundtrack. The converters have their respective modes of operation and technology, but handling generally remains simplified. In particular, you will have to copy the URL from the address bar of the YouTube content. You then have to configure the desired size for the MP4 format. The conversion takes place in seconds.

Criteria to consider when choosing your converter

You should choose the YouTube MP4 converter according to your needs. Please note that this tool can be: free or paid. Some publishers suggest trial versions with limited functionality or file sizes. Sometimes you have to pay a subscription to be able to benefit from all the services. The utility in question is a program to download and then install on your device. That said, there are also SaaS-type cloud digital services that are directly accessible online.

Instructions for use may vary from one converter to another. However, the process is often quite simple. It generally consists of pasting URLs of the YouTube video onto the conversion software interface. Most of the time, the service provider asks you to define the MP4 format type. This choice influences the file size and graphic quality. This must be done before the download begins. Consider resolution, which is how many pixels your screen can handle.

Youtube converters: on the verge of legality

If you are wondering if using an MP4 converter is legal, the answer is yes. In France, it is legitimate to make copies of musical works or video clips for strictly private use. If the source is legal, then its conversion to another format should not pose any problem, in accordance with article L.122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code. However, transmitting the content to others already constitutes an offense. Unauthorized distribution online or on another media is an offense punishable by a fine and imprisonment.

If there is suspicion of excessive use of a musical or cinematographic work, the authorities can confiscate computer and media equipment. That said, the disposition to take depends on the origin of the video. In the United States, for example, the notion of private copying is not part of case law. In Japan, there is total intransigence regarding piracy. It is enough for an artist to file a complaint for the broadcast of his song on YouTube for the person who uploaded it to be worried. In short, remember that MP4 converters are tolerated in France.

Casual download on 4K Video Downloader

Available as a free version, 4K Video Downloader is perfect for occasional downloads. This program offers the basic functionalities for having MP4 files. Concretely, you need to copy the URL of the content on the YouTube address bar to paste it into the tool. You will also have to choose the format which determines the quality of the video. Specify the location in your device before validating the download.

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The site offers a smart mode. This feature allows you to save your format and definition preferences. Which should make the conversion almost instantaneous. It is even possible to resort to automatic downloading in the Premium version. This subscription does not impose any limits on the number of clips and file size. This paid mode is accessible from €20.

The MediaHuman YouTube Downloader tool and its multiple advantages

With the MediaHuman YouTube Downloader program, you have exceptional conversion power. The tool allows you to translate clips or podcasts posted on any YouTube channel into MP3 audio track or MP4 video. For around twenty euros, you can download an unlimited quantity of files from YouTube. For videos, you benefit from high definition, but also in 4K and 8K. Which means that the image can be displayed without risk of pixelation on a large screen.

With MediaHuman Downloader, you have two options. The simplest is to use the online tool directly. The other option is to download the software which weighs around 56.2 MB. It is compatible with most operating systems. In both cases, you will have to pay the price. Currently it is €23. This price entitles you to a multiple download or the recording of an entire album. In addition to YouTube, you can enjoy SoundCloud and Dailymotion sharing channels. This program is even compatible with iTunes. Then, the metadata can be modified.

Download any format with Any Video Converter

Unlike other converters, Any Video Converter tool is not limited to MP4 compression. It transforms YouTube streams into around thirty formats. This allows you to have AVI, OGG, FLV, AAC or MP3 files. These numerous possibilities have their respective destination. AVI clips, for example, are more suitable for old home DVD players. For its part, AAC offers better audio quality compared to MP3.

By choosing the right conversion format, you can create a playlist suitable for your iPod or your Smartphone. PlayStation Portable owners will also be able to benefit from it. For those who want images of excellent definition, the tool offered on produces content of HD or 4K quality. The platform has a very intuitive multilingual user interface. The software must be saved on the hard drive. It is best to be careful not to run parasitic programs that slip into the device during installation.

Completely free with Free YouTube Download

As its name suggests, Free YouTube Download is completely free. The software must be downloaded to your PC, Mac or Linux computer to work. The graphic quality leaves

sometimes desired, but this tool at least has the merit of being multiformat. In fact, it compresses content in MP4, but also in AVI and FLV. The latter which is also called flash video and is distinguished by its lightness. It easily fits iPods and phones with low configuration.

Presented with a particularly simplified interface, the operation of this conversion program remains the same as that of other software. You can just adjust the file size according to your needs. This tool is quite practical with its download history. This feature saves you from saving the same file twice.

Comparison of the main MP4 converters

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader 4K Video


Any Video


Free YouTube Download
Software size 56.2 MB 88.31 MB 76.01 MB 60.22 MB

Output format

MP4 MP3, MP4 MP3, AC3, OGG, AAC, WMA, M4A, WAV, APE, MKA, MP4, MPEG, VOB, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, MKV, WEBM, etc. MP3, MP4, AVI

Compatible OS

Windows, macOS,


Windows, macOS,





Windows, macOS,


Mobile Compatibility NO YES YES YES


4K to 8K 4K HD and 4K FD

Security when downloading

assured assured Possibility of parasites assured


€23 €23 Free Free