Harnessing the Power of Mathematics in Business with Blackjack

The best businessmen often have a Cartesian mind. It’s a fact that the power of mathematics can offer insight and assistance when making decisions or establishing strategies. In this sense, it is not surprising to see that many decision-makers also appreciate a game like blackjack, which can sharpen the finest minds thanks to its strategies and specificities. But how can we really draw analogies from these strategies to include them in the business world?

Always keep the statistical aspect in mind

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The strategy must be based on statistics and probabilities. To follow this relentless logic proven by the figures, many professional circles are now moving in this direction. For example, the prestigious Statista institute affirmed that in the years to come Big Data would represent the best opportunity to make a difference in the professional environment. An obvious parallel with the world of blackjack as statistical analysis is predominant in this environment.

The art of thinking in the long term

In blackjack, as in business, we can have a tendency and the annoying habit of being impatient. The search for profit can be direct and sometimes, we find ourselves throwing our swords into the water. However, as in business, the strategy must be established over the long term in order to perpetuate its objectives and its presence if we stick to it. according to Espace Stratégies.

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Often, blackjack strategies advise the player to draw new cards until he has reached the bar of 17 points out of the 21 sought. This logic is explained by the need to stay in the game as long as possible in order not to exhaust your resources. The winnings are established gradually and not in a single game.

The use of Big Data

Blackjack dates back to the very beginning of the 18th century. This century-old game has, however, been able to evolve thanks to advances brought by technology and in particular, with the use of Big Data, a concept well explained by Oracle. For some specialists, blackjack is even one of the pioneering areas in terms of Big Data, well before the term itself was known. For them, it is crucial to always stick to your strategy as well as reading the data in blackjack, as in business.

The parallel is obvious and with its notoriety, blackjack can have a role to play in the professional world for those who wish it. In addition, its online democratization in recent years has undoubtedly made it possible to develop its appeal and all its advantages.