Il sera hospitalisé à vie après avoir volé Rockstar avec un Amazon Firestick

He will be hospitalized for life after stealing Rockstar with an Amazon Firestick

The biggest scandal in recent years in the industry broke out in 2022 when Rockstar fell victim to a massive hack. The company was affected by an intrusion into its servers which allowed the theft of sensitive equipment on GTA 6, which is why a police investigation was opened.

The investigation led to Arion Kurtaj, an 18-year-old from Oxford who was arrested and awaiting sentencing. After reiterating his intention to commit criminal acts linked to cybersecurity again, the English courts finally imposed a sentence on him. punishment in the form of admission to hospital for an indefinite period .

From the BBC, it is emphasized that he will remain there for life, unless doctors consider that he no longer represents a danger. Kurtaj, who is autistic, was part of the Lapsus$ gang that hacked companies like Uber and Nvidia.

The hacker’s violent reactions have been constant while in police custody, with dozens of reports of injuries and property damage. The medical team responsible for evaluating him considered Kurtaj to be incapable of being judged for his acute autism . In this way, the jury had to determine whether he had committed the crime or not, without assessing whether he had done it with a criminal purpose.

The Rockstar hack happened while he was out on bail after hacking Nvidia and BT/EE, but that didn’t stop him from achieving his goal from the hotel where he was being held under police protection . Although he did not have a PC, he was able to commit the crime using an Amazon Firestick, his bedroom television and a cell phone.

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Although his defense argued that the success of the trailer GTA6 This is evidence that Kurtaj did not cause harm, Judge Lees did not take it into account. For its part, Rockstar assured the court that it cost it dearly five million dollars to recover from the attack as well as thousands of hours invested by staff.