Here is the new official address of Wiflix in [month] [year]

Experiencing a spectacular jump during confinement, free streaming is on the rise in France. This mode of entertainment parallel to paid content providers benefits WiFlix. In the crosshairs of the authorities for non-compliance with copyright, these alternative platforms disappear and reappear with a new URL. If you are looking for an address to watch films and series illegally, it’s right here.

Wiflix, an alternative streaming site to Netflix

Echoing Netflix, Wiflix didn’t take long to gain popularity. From its launch, the site offers free streaming until the day it disappears from radar. The platform is online again, but with another domain name and a host distinct from the previous one. Changes have taken place, but the activity remains the same: providing films and series.

Unlike paid video on demand (SVOD) sites, Wiflix makes access to content much easier. Internet users can consult the entire media library freely, without registering or opening an account. The platform’s ergonomic interface gives an overview of the different types of entertainment offered. For each title, information such as the synopsis, release date or casting has been prepared for you.

Platform with a wide choice of content

On Wiflix, navigation is very simple. The home page remains particularly explicit. The top banner displays the latest news available in streaming. A scrolling strip highlights exclusive content. They are not yet found on other similar sites. On the left you have the categories. The media library includes films, series, cartoons.

This free streaming platform classifies files by genre. There are action films, documentaries, comedy, some biographies and many others. Then, you have American series, novelas or dramas. Some titles have not yet been released, but the site editor will keep you informed of their availability schedule. In order to help you choose, it gives a top, a ranking of the most popular entertainment with visitors.

Good reasons to try this content provider

Wiflix regulars benefit from multiple advantages.

  • The service is completely free and without geographical restrictions.
  • There is no registration or subscription to a newsletter.
  • The offer is particularly varied, with a diversity of genres.
  • The films have recently been released or are great classics to watch again.
  • Navigation is simplified thanks to the ergonomic interface.
  • The images are of high quality and sometimes in Ultra high definition or in 4 K.
  • The visitor has the choice between the original, subtitled or French version.
  • The advertisements are less invasive than elsewhere.
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The current address of this streaming site

Free streaming sites are often forced to close shop. They disappear for a while before resurfacing with a new name. Having had its heyday, Wiflix has also opted for a completely different URL and now becomes accessible on:


This new change, effective since August, comes following the partial blocking of the site by ISPs.

This address may change at any time. The publisher needs to do this to escape repression from the authorities. They enforce copyright law. Indeed, Wiflix.fan violates this legislation by offering free films and series for which you should pay.

Alternative platforms to watch movies for free

If you are unable to log in to https://wiflix.fan, don’t panic yet. Indeed, other alternative platforms offer the same services. Among the best known are:

  • Wawacity: this directory of links redirecting to films no longer needs to be presented.
  • Tirexo: this is a community for sharing entertainment in French.
  • Papystreaming: a site whose rich catalog of offers makes it a reference.
  • VOSTfree: THE specialist in cartoons, particularly Japanese manga.
  • SeeAnimé: another animation expert.

Some disadvantages of free streaming

Unfortunately, free content is often a lure to attract Internet users. They are used to lure visitors into signing up for subscriptions or purchasing products they don’t even need. Most often, publishers force them to view advertisements. Unexpected pop-ups can be annoying when watching a movie. If the latter is very recent, the image quality may be at its lowest.

The real flaw of free streaming sites would be illegality. If you have access to the James Bond film “No Time to Die” or the final season of Walking “The Walking Dead,” there is something wrong with it. These platforms are targeted by antipiracy restrictions. Units responsible for enforcing image rights track them down and block them. The providers who provide Internet are pursuing the same approach. The only solution would be to use a VPN.