Il a joué à Skyrim sur cinq plateformes différentes et n'a pas touché un cheval depuis 400 heures car le RPG est magnifique

He’s played Skyrim on five different platforms and hasn’t touched a horse in 400 hours because the RPG is beautiful

When we come across a big open world, the best thing that can happen to us is to unlock the fastest method of movement. Traveling great distances This can become a daunting task, but that’s not the case for a Skyrim player who hasn’t dabbled with horses at all.

DrPloyt is the name of the Reddit user who said have played more than 400 hoursSkyrim and “I’ve barely ridden a horse.” What’s surprising is that he enjoyed Bethesda’s RPG on five platforms – Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PC and Xbox One – but found the driving mechanics quite unpleasant.

“As a result, every game I’ve played has required hours and hours of walking to unlock all the fast travel points,” says the player, who admits he doesn’t regret having made this decision at all. “It doesn’t matter because the game is beautiful and there is never a shortage of things to see,” DrPloyt explains without problem.

Horses are one of the ways to travel through the different fantasy regions, but the truth is that many other players have responded with the same opinion about it. “I spent 285 hours just on the next-gen version and I only rode the horse for about 20 minutes total. “says a user. The truth is that the quadrupeds are found in several places in the work.

One of the keys to Skyrim The fact is that no different characteristics have been added for horses, so they are all the same breed, they always cost 1000 Septim and their speed and resistance have no difference. There are practically no aesthetic changes like with colors, so for many, walking and quietly contemplating the landscapes is the best option.

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