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Home security in question

Did you know that a burglary takes place every 2 minutes in France. Moreover, 69% of French people think that their home can be burglarized at any time, especially while they are away. If you are one of those who are worried about the safety of their home, then these next lines are for you.

Burglary figures justify a home alarm

190,300 homes were burglarized in France in 2021. This finding from the Ministry of the Interior calls into question the need to strengthen domestic security. Among the possible solutions, there is the armoring of the entrance door, the investment in a alarm system and the installation of multipoint locks complying with French A2P standards.

The number of intrusions tends to increase over the years. At the end of the health crisis, the phenomenon saw a jump of 114%. Insecurity is more prevalent in departments with high demographic pressure. So, if you live in a metropolis in Bouches-du-Rhône or Seine-Saint-Denis for example, be aware that the frequency of burglaries there well exceeds 11/1000.

In short, in large cities such as Marseille or Paris, you have more than one chance in 100 of experiencing the terrible experience of a break-in. 68% of victims develop chronic psychological trauma which takes a long time to heal. The emotional shock gives rise to a feeling of security that the person will keep for life.

The damage is well worth investing in home security

In the top 3 of the goods most coveted by thieves, there are jewelry, cash and computer equipment such as laptops. Intruders also target household appliances, including stereos and flat-screen TVs. They favor valuable items or items that can easily be resold to a fence.

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Added to the cost of stolen goods is the material damage that burglars leave behind. They inflict damage on the doors they force in 63% of offenses. Broken windows are recorded in 23% of cases. 18% of thieves climb the floors or enter through the roof. Only 4% of burglars quietly enter their victims’ homes without breaking anything, but using a key or picking the lock.

According to the report from the National Crime Observatory, the average material damage from a burglary is 6,400 euros. That’s double the price of a state-of-the-art alarm system. In fact, the devices currently sold on the market cost between €600 and €3,500. This budget can increase significantly if it includes video surveillance or assistance from a security company. The latter could, for example, send security guards to the site or alert the police.

Tips for choosing among the different alarm systems available

For beginners, a security alarm is an electronic device whose mission is to alert the occupants of a house in the event of an intrusion or suspicious actions. Equipped with a motion detector or other technologies, it can emit a sound signal and turn on the lights. Some systems are coupled with a fire detector.

More sophisticated home automation alarms can even prevent possible drowning if the user has a swimming pool. In any case, the owner should choose according to his needs. He must also request a quote from home security professionals and decide according to the budget he has.

The home automation alarm with camera is recommended for monitoring the house remotely. Some more persuasive programs can even simulate the presence of the owners by closing the shutters, turning on the television or activating the automatic watering. Other models send SMS notifications to residents. A security company or the police can also take over by responding on site.