signature electronique

how does electronic signature work?

Are you planning to take out a contract soon? if this is the case, know that the electronic signature today represents a viable alternative to the handwritten signature and that it also has many advantages. Curious to know more about electronic signatures? The rest of this article is likely to interest you.

Increased security for signing your documents

Although only recently adopted and recognized as a viable solution for online document signing, the digital signature offers increased security and many advantages compared to handwritten signatures. First of all, a document signed in a so-called digital manner can only be consulted by people who have been previously authorized to do so. Indeed, access to the document is done securely, via an authentication system and each consultation is recorded. The electronic signature is itself encrypted, in such a way that it is impossible to falsify it or even make a subsequent modification to the document.

This advanced security reinforces trust between the signatories and greatly facilitates the implementation of a contract signature.

Saving space, time and… money!

Beyond the security aspect, let’s move on to the practical side of electronic signature. Before his arrival, signing a document, regardless of whether it was a contract or any act, required numerous steps, particularly on the administrative level.

The obligation of a face-to-face signature required a specific organization that was relatively restrictive for both parties and when this was not possible due to distance or organization, printing, sending by registered mail and receipt increased by drastically reduce deadlines, at the same time causing delays and various unforeseen events.

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The arrival of electronic signature quickly put an end to all these disadvantages. From now on, it is possible to send and have digital documents signed in a very short period of time, while having the security of the authenticity of said documents. This speed in data processing allows a significant saving of time, and as we all know, being able to close the signing of a sales agreement or an exclusivity contract in a few minutes is a major advantage. on the competition!

Electronic signature: how to choose the right service provider?

If there is an area in which it is imperative to opt for a trusted service provider, that of electronic signature is clearly one of them!

The first thing to understand with regard to electronic signature is that in France (but also throughout Europe), you will need to use a service provider recognized as compliant with the eIDAS regulation (aka Electronic IDentification Authentication and trust Services) by the local body responsible for electronic signatures. In France, this is the ANSSI and it is also responsible for issuing certification to trust service providers which will then be viable on a European scale.

In this area, Yousign is one of the trusted service providers and offers use cases adapted to your activity. Whether your field is banking, real estate or, among other things, insurance, it is currently the most reliable and versatile option available on the market.