How does PIM support e-retailers?

The pandemic has not got the better of e-commerce. Quite the contrary! Online shopping has increased during this global crisis. During this period, e-retailers have redoubled their ingenuity to avoid being victims of their success. Some of them have, for example, adopted a PIM or Product Information Management solution. What is it about ? How does this technology promote sales? This is what we invite you to discover.

Discovering PIM software

PIM tools bring together IT solutions intended to collect and manage information concerning products on sale. They come in the form of connected software integrating the company’s information system. The tool will therefore be interoperable with the other elements of your ERP. This allows the establishment of a simple and consistent workflow for the management of product sheets.
the PIM
Despite their practicality, these tools have only met with modest success. Until today, few e-retailers are aware of the existence of this technology. However, implementing a PIM solution does not involve as much expense as you might imagine. Interested parties can now request a quote from a PIM software publisher.

How does a PIM solution drive sales?

At a time when content marketing is king, PIM has become essential for implementing a product marketing strategy. This technology centralizes data on products on sale. It gives you the means to standardize product sheets, work on the content to achieve your SEO goals or even meet buyers’ expectations. The teams in charge are therefore able to implement an effective content strategy.

Furthermore, the PIM offers a framework much more conducive to the management of more than fifty references. Normally, those responsible must go through multiple entries. Here, a single modification will be taken into account across all of your sales channels. This solution also avoids making mistakes that will ultimately tarnish the company’s image, such as a spelling mistake on the presentation of a flagship product.

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In the context of many projects, the PIM will be a considerable asset. Let’s imagine, for example, that you want to open a store in another language. The translation of product sheets will be done more easily and we will once again avoid multiple entries. The company will also be able to adapt to the new requirements of its customers. The appearance of a label or the entry into force of a new standard will in certain cases force you to update your product sheets. This update will only take a short time if you have a PIM solution.