corrections de fautes d'orthographe

How to avoid making spelling mistakes?

A phrase like “Abba les footballs de fransset!” may seem amusing. However, many online platforms are full of mistakes like this. These errors would probably make Molière, Proust, Rousseau and other great French writers blush. Fortunately, there are tips for producing error-free texts.

Opt for a simple solution when faced with difficulty

When faced with a grammatical difficulty, you should not hesitate to find another way to formulate your sentence in a simpler way. This implies the use of other terms. The French language is so rich that there are a thousand and one ways of saying things. Being cowardly in this case may be necessary.

Opt for short sentences

Writing short sentences makes a text more dynamic. Likewise, the writing style is much more improved with a good glossary. Also, short sentences make it possible to minimize agreement or tense concordance errors, among other things.

Use a concealer

The correction tool integrated into Word or the very good Antidote, to spot the first obvious mistakes, is necessary. Journalists, writers and editors all use it. Indeed, it is the first defense against errors. It is possible to compare the performance of correction software by submitting around fifty words and sentences. This allows you to know the best spell checkers. However, it must be emphasized that even the best proofreaders, especially online ones, do not guarantee complete protection against errors.

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Print the article and put the text to rest

It is easier to correct text on paper than on screen. Also, like bread dough, it gains texture over time. In times of stress, it is easy to miss big mistakes simply due to inattention or fatigue. Waiting a few hours, or even one or two days, before rereading the text is important.

Reread the text backwards

For a different proofreading method, try reading the text backwards. Starting at the end will force the brain to work more than necessary. Indeed, he will not be able to anticipate the flow of sentences.

Reread the text orally

To detect awkward turns of phrase, excessively long sentences or lack of rhythm, it is recommended to read the text aloud.

Ask a colleague to read the text

Having your writing read by a colleague or a third person is important. Indeed, nothing replaces an outside perspective. Having two opinions is even better.

Request help on writing platforms

If one has doubts or questions about the correction, it is important to expose them on correction forums by submitting only a sentence or part of the text. Many caring proofreaders are willing to help for free. It is also possible to download a 52-page manual devoted to essential typography rules in PDF format (0.5 MB).

Use a professional concealer

The most effective way to spot typos or grammatical errors that no one has noticed is to have the text corrected by a professional proofreader. If one is uncertain about the quality of one’s content, requesting a free text audit would be helpful.

In conclusion

Producing quality text is important to convey a message. The tips in this guide will be useful to limit spelling errors in your productions.