How to become a home sales consultant?

If you are looking for a practical and profitable business initiative, you can opt for an independent door-to-door salesman activity. Today’s market has opened up many business opportunities for businesses and selling products from home. All over the world, from students to retirees to stay-at-home moms, people are choosing door-to-door sales to make money by offering products to individuals. Find out how to become a VDI (independent home seller).

What does the VDI job consist of?

The VDI is a commercial agent who is responsible for presenting and describing a certain number of products to individuals so that they purchase them. The places in which he can present his products are the customer’s home, at his workplace, outdoors or even at his own home. You must be over 18 years old and respect the conditions defined by the merchant activity. Consider contacting companies whose products interest you. If you are passionate about decoration for example, and if you want to become a VDI, you can become an advisor for a company specializing in home sales of decorative storage. Note that 3 social statuses are possible.

Proxy VDI

With this status, the company which made its products available to the VDI for sale is responsible for remunerating the latter. The VDI acts here as an agent and takes orders from customers on behalf of the company that hires him. He doesn’t manage no stock and used the purchase orders that the company gave him. Depending on the turnover achieved, the VDI agent is remunerated. In addition, the VDI agent is not assimilated to the RSAC (Special Register of Commercial Agents) or to the RCS (Commercial and Companies Regime) and he enjoys social protection.

VDI broker

This VDI status is close to the agent, because he is also responsible by the company for representing it in various places and doing promoting their products. He has the possibility, depending on his mandate, to carry out a certain number of legal acts on behalf of the company which hires him. On its income tax return, the VDI broker’s commissions are similar to BNC. In the event of a professional accident, he has no right to compensation and does not benefit from unemployment insurance.

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Buyer-reseller VDI

This category of VDI is not contractually attached to the company, but is just responsible forbuy products from a company to resell them to individuals. Here, it is the VDI which unilaterally sets the prices of the products it sells. To be part of this category of VDI, the applicant must register with the RSAC or the RCS. It is the SSI which is responsible for its social protection. His health costs, sick leave and even his retirement are insured. At least 15 days before opening your business, you must register it depending on where you live.

How to succeed as a VDI?

To succeed as a door-to-door salesperson, you must demonstrate a certain number of qualities. We offer you some useful tips to help you become a convincing VDI.

Define your goals

Setting goals is essential before taking any business action. In addition to giving you direction and being a source of motivation, defining your goals is what sets you up for success. To do this, you must align them to your sales strategy, by setting, for example, objectives on:

  • the number of sales you want to achieve,
  • the deadline by which you intend to do it,
  • the number of prospects to contact based on the average basket and the conversion rate of your sector,
  • indicators to monitor progress and readjust your approach if necessary.
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Choose quality products

When you want to sell a company’s products, you must make sure that the items you offer are of interest. By marketing products from a reputable company, you will have a better chance of making sales than if you sold products from unknown companies. Additionally, the items you put in consumer disposition must be of quality in order to retain customers. It is possible that a customer will contact you so that you can provide them with new ones.

Be prepared to deal with customer objections

To make a sale, you have to know how to react to customer refusal. Having a prepared response to every objection a client may raise is as important as making an initial offer. In particular, think about all the obstacles that may present themselves. This allows you to prepare for all eventualities. Make the necessary preparations to prevent a breakdown from occurring if you sell small appliances. Sales success is more likely and a sales pitch is better as long as you have the necessary resources.

Be persistent and patient

When you’re in door-to-door sales, most people who answer the door or whom you meet won’t necessarily want to talk to you. But don’t get discouraged or give up because of prospects’ rejections. Remember that not everyone needs your product. Your customer is not always the one who opens the door, but the one who shows interest for what you offer.

Establish a relationship of trust with the customer

In door-to-door sales, customers don’t know you. That’s why, at first, they feel uncomfortable and don’t pay attention to what you say. Your first goal is to relax them and put them at ease so that they will let you talk and listen to what you have to say. Consumers take the purchasing decision constructively, depending on the circumstances of the moment, without displaying clear initial preferences. This may partly explain why they disregard the value of the opportunity and change their minds.

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Personalize your approach to customers

Carefully assess your environment when reaching out to prospects. Try to guess the customer’s interestst in order to start the conversation and break the ice. Don’t always use the same phrase when you start talking to the customer. This way the input will sound more authentic. No one wants to be told a prepared sentence.

Start a conversation on a topic that interests the customer. Pay attention to your surroundings to detect the prospect’s tastes. It’s best to ask a question on a topic that the potential client is obviously interested in and let them talk. Pay attention to what he says, even if the subject doesn’t interest you, don’t give him the impression that he’s talking alone. Learn the principles of active listening, this will help you gain their attention and trust.

Be sure of yourself in front of the client

When you practice home sales, you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling yourself. This is why you must appear as a trustworthy person. If the customer perceives you as a reliable source of information, they will ask you questions about the product you are selling. Try to smile and maintain eye contact with the customer.

Becoming a VDI is a process that requires a certain knowledge of the regulations and mastery of communication. Once you have chosen the company for which you wish to solicit products, you can then contact prospects.