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How to become a real estate agent?

The profession of real estate agent has grown in popularity over the last decade. With the changes occurring in the world of work, many people decide to leave the wage system in order to embark on a liberal profession which brings in much more money. It is in this dynamic that people of working age no longer hesitate to embark on a career as a real estate agent. However, there are still people who, due to lack of information and fear of losing their stable job, continue to ignore this opportunity. In this article, we present to you all the useful information you need to know to make a career as a real estate agent.

What are the missions of a real estate agent?

Even if the profession of real estate agent shares certain similarities with that of real estate agent, there are big differences between them. THE real estate agent and the real estate agent do not practice under the same status. Unlike a real estate agent, a real estate agent is a person (self-employed worker) who collaborates completely independently with a principal also known as a real estate agency or real estate network. He can practice his profession under the micro regime or under a real regime. It should be noted that between the principal and the real estate agent, there is no relationship of subordination as in a salaried system.

The role of a real estate agent is to help, secure and facilitate the realization of the various projects of its principals. Thus, it is responsible for developing a panel of real estate for resale and seeks information on real estate prices on behalf of real estate networks. He advertises properties, searches for potential buyers and negotiates on behalf of his principals.

Qualities necessary for a career in the profession of real estate agent

To carry out the missions assigned to you as a real estate agent, you must necessarily possess certain skills and qualities. First of all, you must have negotiation skills. This is essential, because your role is to manage the negotiations between the buyers and the principals so that both parties are satisfied with the clauses. That said, you naturally need to be a good listener and be able to sense the needs of stakeholders. In addition to the quality of empathy, you must be honest, faithful, loyal, confident and above all be able to control your emotions.

The procedure for becoming a real estate agent

Only good preparation will lead you to the profession of real estate agent. However, good preparation requires proper training. The key to your success in this profession depends on the training you follow and therefore your preparation. Additionally, to get into this business, you must be financially ready and able to live for at least six months without commission.

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Although training and preparation are essential to becoming a good real estate agent, you do not need a diploma to practice this activity. All you need to do is find a real estate network with which you will sign a real estate agent contract. After this step, you will need to apply for registration to have the right to practice this profession. Furthermore, the legislator requires that you register in the register of commercial agents with the registry of the commercial court. The principal with whom you work must give you a collaborator certificate which authorizes you to officially start the job.

You can prove yourself alongside the Expertimo real estate network. We support our agents in their desire to pursue a career in this field. We grant them 100% commission on each of their sales, starting from the first.

Why did I choose the Expertimo real estate network?

I am a real estate agent in a network called “Réseau Expertimo”.

The Expertimo network has the particularity of being made up of real estate agents but also real estate agents. The great specificity of Expertimo is that this real estate network pays back 100% of the commissions.

You would be right to ask me: but how do they live? This is indeed the first question I asked myself as well.

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Well, the monthly fee which is average as well as the €150 administrative fees on each sale have made it easy to live on since 2009. The Expertimo network provides me with excellent tools to be able to practice my profession.

In addition, he considers the real estate agent as a true professional and gives him carte blanche. In compliance with the law of course.

If you are experienced, I invite you to fill out a form so that I can contact you quickly. Once you’ve tasted 100% commission, you’ll wonder (like me) why you didn’t do it before.

Become a real estate agent and join my team!!

You want to become a real estate agent, whether you are a beginner or experienced, I welcome you to my team. If you are already a sales agent in real estate and you have experience, contact me and I will get you into the network 100%.

If you do not have experience, you will still have the possibility of joining the Expertimo network through me and you will benefit from:

  • From a real estate agent training video that I prepared, directly from my experience in the field
  • One 2-hour live session per week to take stock of your progress
  • More than 50 worksheets to provide you with as many theoretical bases as possible
  • From the private Facebook group that I created to share your experience, your doubts and your questions
  • My personal contact details so that I can have answers to your questions as quickly as possible