How to become a video game streamer?

It’s the dream of many video game enthusiasts: to share their adventures with as many people as possible through streaming. Moreover, for some, it even becomes a job since they can make a living from it. What’s important to remember is that getting into streaming shouldn’t be done by chance: a certain organization helps you do things in the best possible way. How to do it ? What are the little tips? We take stock with you.

Equip yourself with equipment to play and stream

The first thing to think about when getting started with streaming is having the necessary equipment! Besides, we are not only talking about streaming hardware, but also gaming hardware. So, you will have to select your preferred platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch or PC. Each of these supports is designed for streaming (perhaps a little less the Nintendo Switch), so you have the possibility of using the options provided by the manufacturers. For example, to stream on PS5, using the Share button is meant to be natural and easy to use. However, to give you every chance of streaming well, we advise you to invest in a capture box. Of course, you’ll also need a good webcam (Logitech makes excellent ones) as well as a suitable headset. Finally, having accessories like a microphone boom or background scenery is wise.

Choose the streaming platform

Do you now have all the equipment you need to stream your next video game sessions? Perfect ! Now, you will have to choose the platform on which you are going to launch. The most popular of all is undoubtedly Twitch. The latter brings together all the most famous streamers in France and the world. However, newbies also have their say. We obviously think of the essential YouTube Gaming, but especially of Kick which promises fairer remuneration for creators (of which you will be one). Each of these platforms works more or less the same way, but be aware that you could professionalize more easily with Twitch or Kick. In short, to test.

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Go further thanks to a video game school

If video game streaming is something more ambitious for you, then becoming a professional in the sector makes perfect sense. To do this, enroll in a video game school seems entirely relevant. This type of school offers a range of training courses, each more interesting than the last. Thus, becoming a developer becomes possible thanks to the latter! Of course, this will not be your case here, but you can learn the tricks of the video game tester trade. Indeed, the people who follow you on stream will also want to know precisely the games you play. What’s better than learning how to test a game, summarizing your comments and sharing it with your community? Once again, this is an aspect to explore.