How to become self-employed in 2021?

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Becoming self-employed: what are the formalities in 2021?

The first thing you need to think about when you want to become self-employed obviously concerns administrative procedures. Often laborious and complicated, it is clear that the administration has simplified as much as possible the procedures necessary to obtain your self-employed status.

First step – Declare your self-business online:

Becoming self-employed requires you to declare your start of activity to the Business Formality Center (CFE) responsible for your sector of activity. You will therefore need to duly complete the P0 Micro-Entrepreneur form as well as a copy of a valid identity card.

Depending on your sector of activity, your CFE center may be:

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) for commercial activities
  • The Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA) for craft activities
  • URSSAF if you exercise a liberal profession
  • The Registry of the Commercial Court for commercial agents

Also note that since 2016, the start of your activity must be declared online! take the opportunity to scan or take photos of the various necessary supporting documents in order to transmit them to the administration.

Step 2 – Register in the trade and companies register for commercial activities:

Since the end of 2014, if you are one of the self-employed To carry out a commercial activity, you must register with the trade and companies register (the famous RCS). To register, nothing complicated in itself. You will need to provide your CFE which depends on your CCI with the following documents:

  • Proof of address
  • A sworn declaration of non-conviction, certifying that you have never been administratively or criminally sentenced to be prohibited from managing or administering a commercial activity. This additional step is free but you will still be charged a tax for consular fees when your contributions are collected.
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Be careful not to exceed the maximum turnover threshold!

After a few weeks of waiting, you should have received the precious sesame as well as your registration (SIRET / SIREN) allowing you to carry out your activity legally but what to do if your turnover turns out to be greater than expected ? do not panic ! for commercial activities, you now have a comfortable ceiling of €176,200 excluding tax for purchasing/selling activities and with regard to liberal and craft professions (provision of services among others), this threshold is €72,500 excluding tax. If you ever exceed this threshold, you will be liable for VAT! hence the usefulness of precisely monitoring your accounting. And if you ever get close to this threshold, perhaps it would be time to change your status to that of a SARL or EURL type company? more in a future article!