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How to boost the productivity of your salespeople?

In normal times as well as in times of crisis, the sales force ensures the financial security of a company. However, front office staff may underperform. Whether salespeople are new hires or experienced, there are different methods to boost their productivity.

Make customer relations software available to salespeople

CRM software provides knowledge about each prospect. The various recordings on his interactions can be used to convert him into a customer. Concretely, quote requests must be processed quickly. The agent can also relaunch contacts that have been lost for some time. He can even write a follow-up email. A good spelling correction extension would be of great help for this purpose.

Qualify customer files to achieve good results

In the absence of customer relations software, the company must at least invest on a qualified database. This is a file containing contact details. It is of quality if the telephone numbers and addresses are up to date. So much the better if there are functional emails. In any case, all communication channels must be explored to boost the productivity of your salespeople.

To generate leads, that is to say engage prospects, a company has an interest in launching an advertising campaign.Inbound marketing. The purpose of this set of actions is to increase contacts with people likely to be interested in the company’s service offerings or products. Salespeople must attend conferences, come to professional meetings and other gatherings where they can collect business cards. Part of the work is also done through new technologies, particularly on social networks.

Determine the typical profile of the interlocutor and develop a strategy

To boost the productivity of salespeople, they must be trained in their profession. The profession requires a minimum of knowledge in psychology. Indeed, each client is different and deserves to be approached in an appropriate manner. Before calling a prospect, the salesperson should prepare his sales arguments based on the information he has about him. In B2B for example, you have to go straight to the point since the contact person may be the director or a busy manager.

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Faced with a talkative prospect, you will need to refocus him on the subject. Its excess of conviviality becomes counterproductive. When faced with an anxious person, you must reassure them by reminding them of the benefits of their future purchase. Salespeople must know the 6 main customer typologies and the corresponding strategies. Role playing between employees allows them to be mastered.

Train the team well on products and services

A salesperson who fails to answer all of a prospect’s questions will have worse results than another agent who has a good command of the offers. To boost sales, each member of the team must learn the product sheets by heart. It’s even better if he can visit the factory and understand the production processes.

A medical representative who has studied at medical school can achieve excellent turnover. In short, a match between the initial training of the sales agent and the products he must sell is essential. Internal training of recruits can also help. Staff can work in pairs initially.

Motivate your troops in every way possible

Employee motivation can take different forms. First there is fixed remuneration and sales commissions. The employer can also provide good work equipment such as tablets or presentation computers. It is even better if the staff is transported, even if it is a demonstration model.

To boost the productivity of salespeople, it is better to avoid putting pressure on them. Some bosses make the mistake of overloading their employees with unnecessary tasks. These can be entrusted to interns or to the secretariat to allow members of the sales force to concentrate on their main mission: increasing the company’s turnover.