How to choose the best web host for your showcase site?

In the digital age, creating a website is an essential step to increase the visibility of your business, gain credibility and strengthen interaction with your audience. To make such a project a reality, you will need the services of several professionals, in particular a host. Its main mission is to provide you with storage space to save all your useful data and thus ensure the proper functioning of the site. Since there is a plethora of them on the market, it is difficult to make a choice. Discover the criteria that will guide you to make the best choice.

What are your website’s hosting needs?

Before you start looking for a hosting provider, you should define the current and future needs of your showcase site. This includes thinking about the type of content you plan to integrate such as texts, images and possibly videos. An online sales store therefore does not have the same content requirements as a photographer’s site. In practice, large files require significant storage space. Some hosts offer unlimited storage capacity, while others offer scalable options to their customers. It’s up to you to choose the provider that aligns with your goals.

As the site’s experts explain Nuxit, A excellent quality web host allows you to manage heavy traffic on your platform without affecting its performance. This is determined by its bandwidth. For this reason, you should choose a hosting provider that offers adequate capacity bandwidth. Otherwise, your site may face loading issues and bugs.

Furthermore, to protect your data and the sensitive information of your customers, turn to service providers who offer effective security measures. To this end, favor those who regularly carry out updates to their servers. This eliminates any risk of data loss. To protect yourself against malicious attacks like hacking and phishing, opt for hosts that offer multiple layers of firewalls and SSL certificates. These systems prevent third parties from accessing and modifying transferred information.

Research the different web hosting options available

In general, there are two main categories of accommodation:

  • free options (CMS),
  • paid options.

even though Free CMS have important characteristics, they are not indicated for showcase sites. Indeed, they display a low level of security and are limited in terms of resources (storage space, bandwidth, disk technology, etc.).

When it comes to paid solutions, you have different hosting options. Shared hosting is adequate for a medium-sized site. By opting for dedicated hosting, you benefit from maximum security, because you are the only one hosted on a server. L’cloud hosting is an excellent choice for large businesses or sites that will have high traffic.

By identifying the type of accommodation that suits you, you can make a more targeted search. This will help you establish an initial list of suppliers who seem to meet your expectations. Compare their main characteristics (storage, bandwidth, speed and optimization, security, ease of installation and use, etc.). You will do an initial sorting, ejecting from the list those who do not meet all your essential criteria.

By studying the prices of different providers, you will further shorten your list and ultimately find theweb hosting that best suits your project. If you find this task laborious, you can use the many online web host comparison sites. Thanks to the objective opinions available there, you will find the one that offers the best value for money.

Take advantage of promotional offers that can reduce the cost of hosting

Many web hosting sites make promotional offers at strategic times to attract new prospects or retain old customers. These promotions can come in different forms. The most common is the reduction in prices over a given period. You also have the free trial period, which allows you to immerse yourself in the different features of the host without financial contribution. As other business strategies, some web hosts offer subscription discounts, promotional codes or referral programs.

You can find these offers on the home page of web hosts. In general, they are presented in the “special offers” or “promotions” section. However, visiting the official sites each time can be laborious. To maximize your chances of finding promotional offers, subscribe to newsletters from web hosts. Through this channel, you are informed of all the news concerning a host. Advice is also given to help subscribers take advantage of good deals and other advantages.

To get closer to their customers, many professionals, like web hosts, create accounts on social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… There are an impressive number of them with various functionalities. If you are a regular on these networks, you can subscribe to the official accounts of these web hosting providers so you don’t miss out on their special offers. However, you will not be able to subscribe if you have not first opened an account on these social networks.

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Collect feedback from other users

Most web hosts reserve a section on their site to collect testimonials from their customers. This section may be marked “opinions” or “comments”. By checking these reviews, you can confirm or deny the quality of service that the site boasts of offering.

In practice, a site that has many positive reviews is trustworthy and can offer you reliable service. You will also appreciate the quality of services through the rating of the site in the form of stars on its home page. On the other hand, negative comments indicate that the service offered by the host is not satisfactory. These reviews can, however, be left by malicious people or people who have never used the host’s services. In most cases, they seek to discredit these providers.

To get objective reviews, go to independent review platforms. On the most famous, you will have a significant volume of testimonials. Some Internet users share their experience with details that are still not presented on the official sites of web hosts.

Furthermore, many forums are created to bring together people who share the same passions for technology or computing. In these crucibles you can read comments on the services of certain hosts. As a last resort, check the social media accounts of web hosts.

Look for a web host with reliable customer support

In an increasingly competitive market, a service interruption on your site can cause you to lose customers and damage your reputation. To keep your site up and running at all times, you need to choose a web host whose support service is hyperactive. He must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve any possible outages. In the event of a server crash, it must be able to provide a spontaneous backup of the site. In general, reliable customer service is one that employs multiple communication channels to maintain contact with you.

The first type of support service is the live chat. Thanks to this approach, you provide precise information on your needs and the service in return provides you with assistance. The time taken to respond to your messages is a few seconds, because the responses are spontaneous.

The email address is also a popular approach that helps you expose your concerns to a web host’s customer service department. The only downside here is that the return is not instantaneous. This is the preferred option if you have non-urgent concerns.

If you wish to speak in person with the agents, your choice must be on a web host that offers telephone support. Some web hosting services offer tutorials and blogs. These are solutions indicated for people who wish to resolve problems independently.

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Be aware of the services included in the package

Seduced by attractive prices, you can conclude a contract without having a clear understanding of all the services offered. Before subscribing to a web hosting package, make sure that the services offered really correspond to your expectations. Take the time to review each term of the contract in detail. This may hide additional costs that you will have to pay. Indeed, some shady web hosts provide optional services which you will be billed for. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, demand clear and precise contracts. Avoid web hosting services that do not offer precise pricing.

A priori, after having defined your needs, you will no longer have any difficulty finding the service provider you need. As a precaution, however, read the general conditions of sale. Present on the official suppliers’ page, they may contain information which is not revealed on the contracts. Although these texts are long, they educate you about your limits as well as the rights you have. Make a copy and keep it. To avoid frustration, choose the renowned hosts. In addition to offering superior quality services, they are transparent.