euro 2021 marketing

How to create an event around Euro 2021 in your company?

Euro 2021 is coming soon! this sporting event that many fans would not miss for anything in the world is indeed fast approaching, on Friday June 11, 2021 to be precise. This date which will mark the start of the European Football Championship will punctuate with positivity, there is no doubt about this very special period that we are all experiencing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. This sporting event is also an opportunity for your company to communicate and it is this precise point that we will develop in the rest of this article.

Take advantage of Euro 2021 to communicate using promotional items

The opportunities for focus on communication are not missing but if there is one event not to be missed, it is Euro 2021! the famous European football championship indeed benefits from a impressive notoriety and all derivative objects and or images of favorite teams are very appreciated by the general public. Take advantage of this opportunity to offer your customers various personalized goodies with your logo and like your country’s football team. The list of items to personalize is long: mugs, balls, jerseys, stickers and other accessories for supporters, you will be spoiled for choice for take advantage of this exceptional event in terms of marketing possibilities.

What are the promotional items to promote for Euro 2021

If you choose to communicate about a sporting event such as Euro 2021 you have to know how to aim correctly (and this doesn’t just concern footballers)! The target of your future communication campaign will be very specific and for this, here is winning promotional items that we have selected for you:

Customizable football:

During the European Football Cup, what could be better than a personalized ball to offer to fans and supporters? this personalized item that will delight collectors but also children, who are very fond of these items, will also delight in targeted advertising campaigns. This promotional item available in several formats allows complete customization to your graphic charter.

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The supporter scarf:

The supporter scarf is a must have for any good supporter who respects himself. This easy-to-personalize item offers a large display surface allowing you to display your logo or slogan alongside the fans’ favorite teams. Although classic, the popularity of this article is such that no matter your field of activity, the repercussions in terms of image and notoriety are positive can only be beneficial.

The football jersey:

Few supporters do not wear the football jersey of their favorite team during sporting events of the magnitude of Euro 2021. The advertising football jersey is the typical example of the perfect communication medium. In addition to offering unparalleled visibility, an advertising campaign orchestrated according to the rules of the art will allow you to engrave in memories the association of your brand with this sporting event. Ideal as a gift for your employees but which will also delight your best customers.

The poncho for matches in the rain:

Perfect object for days when the sun is not there, the poncho will shelter supporters while conveying your visual campaign thanks to its large display surface. If Euro 2021 would have taken place in Brittany, we would have recommended this article first and foremost, but you will have to rely on the weather to ensure you gain visibility, which remains a very uncertain criterion in itself. In short, an excellent vector of communication provided of course that there is rain.

To conclude

Euro 2021 is an opportunity not to be missed and this concerns absolutely all sectors of the market ! the many possibilities offered by Euro 2021 in terms of visibility and marketing campaigns is a real bargain. And in case you know absolutely nothing about football, it’s never too late to get started! start by taking a look at the sites of euro football prediction, to specialized newspapers but also to the local press which will not fail to relay as much information as possible on this upcoming event.

Once you have identified the various facets of Euro 2021, all you have to do is tailor a marketing campaign that matches your image and take advantage of the new visibility available to you!