How to digitalize your evaluation campaign?

One of the main challenges for human resources services lies in the recruitment and sustainability of these commitments of new employees. Indeed, hiring is correlated with this modern anglicism: onboarding. Understand by this: the integration of a newcomer into the team. This involves offering it the best starting conditions and all the keys to understanding necessary for maximized performance. To do this, it is advisable to be accompanied by a talent management software which will allow you on the one hand to save a significant amount of time and on the other hand to have a global overview of the personalized monitoring of each employee within their team. Let’s look at this in more detail.

The advantages of using a digital tool to manage your evaluation interviews:

These tools were designed to reduce the time-consuming aspect of the workload of managers and human resources departments, but also to encourage employee involvement.

We know that a fulfilled employee is one who will demonstrate initiative and complete commitment to the company that employs them.

To do this, it is a matter of operating through several axes and relevant stages.

First of all, it should be noted that the notion of support is predominant here, each company is affiliated with a specific contact person who will initially be keen to understand its ergonomics, its internal policy and its management objectives.

human ressources

Following this, you will be invited to select the settings that best suit your needs in order to launch your first campaigns.

The management of these campaigns is fully automated. You will thus have a real-time visual overview (through dynamic graphs) of the progress of your projects and the possibility of addressing your colleagues in a global manner (typically on a concept which concerns all members of a department) or in an individualized manner.

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What are the main stages of digital management of evaluation interviews?

They can be summarized in three main areas. Remember that these solutions were created to meet a real need and therefore are intended to make your life easier.

Firstly, interview campaigns can be put together in less than 72 hours to compensate for any urgent events on the one hand, but also to allow human resources departments to always be alert and as close as possible to the concerns of their employees.

Then, all you have to do is invite your colleagues to join you on the platform you have chosen through specific HR software that you use or an Excel database, then define your interview campaign, i.e. -say its temporality, the type of interview desired and finally the target(s) concerned.

Finally, and in just a few clicks, you obtain an overview allowing you to measure progress, modify interview dates or even instantly globalize a campaign.

Contemporary technological changes are modifying work models as well as interpersonal relationships in the professional sector, it is therefore essential to focus on having relevant analytical monitoring in order to be able to anticipate or compensate for drops in motivation among employees, for example or even to define encouraging measurable objectives.