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How to find a dissertation topic?

When they reach the end of their training, students in traditional training must write a dissertation and defend it before a jury. This document makes it possible to evaluate, among other things, the student’s analytical capacity and to indicate the latter’s future academic or professional aspirations. The quality of the final dissertation depends largely on its subject, since the choice of the latter represents the genesis of its writing.

The vast majority of students, however, have difficulty choosing this dissertation topic. At the end of training, this represents a big source of stress for them. If you also have difficulty finding this famous subject, this guide will help you do so. So there is no question of having a subject imposed on you, or of choosing one by default. Browse it to discover our tips that will be very useful to you.

Why find your dissertation topic?

It is essential to start from this point. The dissertation is a personal document whose content must be able to inform the jury, but also any other reader about your personal aspirations. This implies that the choice of subject must be personal. It would then be a shame to have this imposed on you by a teacher, an elder or a master of memory.

Firstly, with a subject that is not yours, you may not have enough resources to gather. And in the event that you have all the resources, you may have difficulty manipulating them to make a good analysis. The quality of your work would definitely be impacted.

Writing the dissertation is also a process that requires both determination and desire. If the subject is not yours and it does not excite you, you risk giving up due to lack of desire, regardless of your determination.

When defending your production during the defense, the question “why did you choose this dissertation topic” may be asked. If you haven’t found your topic yourself, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to answer it correctly, which would be a shame.

There are therefore many reasons to find this famous theme yourself, even if it will take you a lot of time.

Dissertation Topic Examples

Finance dissertation subject

If you need a dissertation topic in finance, you may be interested in the examples we offer below. They are interesting and doable and you even have the possibility of modifying them:

  • Management of conflicts of interest in the sharing of wealth in the company;
  • Impact of financial crises on businesses;
  • Credit acceptance criteria within financial organizations;
  • Similarities and differences between financial crises (choose the crises of your choice);
  • The fallout from free trade agreements.

HR dissertation subject

If you are a student of human resources management, the HR dissertation topics which will be useful to you are the following:

  • Internal communication and employee performance;
  • Motivation and involvement of employees;
  • Management of the disciplinary process;
  • Human resources management in times of crisis;
  • Evaluation of employee performance.
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Marketing dissertation topic

The field of marketing is one of the most extensive fields in literature. You will have the impression that finding a marketing dissertation subject unexplored is impossible. We offer you 5 topics from which you can formulate beautiful problems:

  • Influence and digital marketing today;
  • Communication strategy and loyalty process;
  • Perception of communication by Internet users;
  • Digital transformation and customer relations;
  • Digital marketing and tourism.

How to choose your dissertation topic: step to follow

As indicated above, it is in your best interest to find your dissertation topic yourself. You don’t need to have a flash of genius or a dream to have the right theme. You can achieve this by following certain rules, such as choosing a topic for your internship report. If you are currently looking for a dissertation theme, here are some steps to follow to get the right theme.

Choose a subject related to your training

The dissertation you are writing concerns the area of ​​your studies. This document must be proof that you have mastery of this discipline. Logically, the subject to choose must relate to your field of study. There is therefore no question of choosing a subject that does not concern this area. It will be impossible for you to develop such topics since you will not understand anything about the theories and concepts related to them. Moreover, it is obvious that if the subject is not related to your field, your training school will not validate it.

A subject related to your future aspirations

The dissertation, whether at the bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level, is not just the culmination of your training. It should also represent a starting point for future research, especially if the author plans to continue his studies. The choice of subject must therefore be chosen taking into account your future aspirations.

If you are in a bachelor’s cycle, you can deepen it with master’s studies and even later with a doctoral thesis. So take your time to choose the subject in which you have a strong interest, the one that will be useful to you later.

A subject of interest and original

Of course, you also need to make sure that the topic you choose is both original and interesting. In fact, the goal of writing a dissertation is to bring something new to the field of knowledge in your field. You will be able to bring something new by choosing topics of interest.

So look for a topic that hasn’t been explored too much so as not to repeat the same things as previous researchers. In the event that the one that interests you is already treated extensively, you do not have the obligation to change it. You just need to find an original study angle.

A feasible subject

The topic you choose should also be feasible. Otherwise, you will waste your time and end up with poor quality work. To make sure it is feasible, you need to consider a number of things. To begin, remember that you have a time limit for your writing. You must therefore be able to cover the topic chosen within the time limit.

Since research always relies on available information, you should choose a topic that has enough information resources. To check if a topic has enough resources, simply enter it into Google. If you have enough information, that’s a good sign. If you don’t have much though, it might be best to change the subject.