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How to implement an effective acquisition strategy?

Optimize your acquisition through automation processes

Key to the success of a company and start-up, acquisition makes it possible to diversify the existing customer portfolio. Telephone canvassing, door to door, email, or via social networks, the acquisition channels are diverse and varied, but are they really all effective? No, if this canvassing is carried out with an unqualified target for the sale of your goods and services. This will simply constitute a waste of time and poor optimization of your internal resources.

But how can you acquire new customers effectively while limiting research time?

Quite simply thanks to automation. Artificial intelligence now allows companies to review their acquisition methods to focus on tasks with higher added value. When it took a human more than a day to navigate the twists and turns of LinkedIn, or to go through unsuccessful cold calling and a source of frustration for the employee; the machine can add more than 100 people per day, send sequences of automated emails by the thousands, respond and sort prospects without ever getting tired or tired of a task. Optimal time saving, you will be able to concentrate your efforts on the conversion of prospects into customers using your resources as best as possible. And this optimization of the added value of human resources in business is today at the heart of the concerns of every company. So, how to implement this automation approach within your company?

Build a solid customer database

Before even using the intelligence of the machine, you will have to create personas that meet your objective. Launching a new product, developing your brand’s branding, acquiring new customers on existing services, the objectives can be varied. In implementing a good acquisition strategy, you may be required to create empathy maps to understand more precisely what are the obstacles of your targets, the fears, what they hear which prevents them to take action. Once your personas have been established, you can use software to scrape databases based on specific criteria. This is particularly the case with LinkedIn, a professional social network, a true fountain of youth of leads, you will be able to build solid databases meeting all of your criteria. This creation of databases is possible in particular with the startup Waalaxy offering you support and services to automate your prospecting.

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cold mailing

Implementation of cold emailing strategy

Beyond acquiring a prospect base, you will need to work on automated email sequences to get in touch with your target. This strategy is called cold emailing, it allows you to gradually warm up a prospect to lead them to conversion by sending them different sequences of emails depending on their user journey.

Implement a cold email strategy, requires having skills in copywriting. This catchy writing technique allows you to capture the attention of your prospect who is often invaded by numerous spam messages throughout his day. And we’re not going to blame him with the hundreds of emails received per day, more than 60% are not opened. It is therefore important to optimize your title! It’s the hook that will allow you to appeal, arouse curiosity and stand out. You can take inspiration from famous celebrity magazines with titles like “you won’t believe the 11th photo”. Obviously stay within your editorial line and your values, for your title think about highlighting in a few words the advantage for your customer of owning your property or using your service. This can save time in your prospecting, organize your projects, train for free

Many companies carry out teaser sequences by offering in the first email a video tutorial on a tool, a sport, or a demo that makes your target want to get involved and continue reading you. It is an effective bait that allows you to break the ice and gradually begin to convert it. Depending on their response and the opening, you will have programmed a sequence of automated emails which will lead your target to become one of your customers.