How to maintain physical and mental health in the office?

The pandemic and new work habits are undoubtedly the cause of mental health problems. Here are the best tips for maintaining your physical and mental health at work:

Maintain physical health

Take vitamins every day

Busy schedules often cause you to eat late, so your body may be deprived of essential nutrients. Taking vitamins regularly can help you meet your body’s needs for essential nutrients. Consult your doctor about which multivitamin supplements you should take.

Drink water

Even if your office job requires you to finish immediately, don’t forget the nutrients you need to provide your body. You can achieve this by taking advantage of the water fountain business to drink enough water. Thus, your body will be protected from various health problems. So you should drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day.

Take a short break

The office is not the best place for your body and mind. Leave the room and breathe in the fresh air outside. Enjoying the morning sun is also beneficial for your skin and helps in the formation of vitamin D in the body. However, be careful not to go out in the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., due to the dangers of UV rays during these hours. Walking outdoors can also help improve your concentration and put you in a better mood.


Have you ever tried meditation? Try taking a few minutes away from work and breathing deeply. When your mind is racing, understand it and continue the meditation. This method is good for workaholics. Indeed, it relaxes the mind and helps improve concentration.

breakfast at work to relax

Preserve mental health

Balancing life and work

The first thing to do is to separate work and personal life. You must be responsible for the work assigned to you in the office. However, on the one hand, you also have to live your other life. Set a time limit for office work. After that, put away all your work. Spend time with your family or loved ones.

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Practice positive thinking

Bad thoughts can arise when you are in a problematic situation. You can overcome this problem by starting to practice positive thinking. By thinking positively, you can overcome stress and improve your immune system.

But positive thinking doesn’t really eliminate negative thoughts. Thinking that there will always be bad things happening can also make you more prepared. However, the share of negative thoughts in you must be small and not dominant.

Do good at work

Showing kindness in the office is also a way to maintain mental health. You can say “hello” to your colleagues. It can also be as simple as not telling others about your coworkers’ bad behavior. These things will help improve your mental health. Indirectly, you may have helped your colleagues maintain their mental health.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not only good for physical health, but also for mental health. Eating nutritious foods can also create a better mood at work. So be careful not to postpone your meals because of work.

Also, exercise regularly. Between work, try to stay active to get the blood circulating. You can stretch or walk for 10 to 15 minutes. This method can also help you get rid of sleepiness at work.

Connect with other people

Connecting with other people will also help you maintain your mental health at work. You can try to connect with other people in the office.

Sometimes your colleagues or leaders are not the right people for your mental health. However, there is no need to worry as there are other employees you can chat with in the office as well. Just try to start a casual conversation with them.

Manage your time well

Everyone has obligations at the office. However, not everyone can do it correctly. The difference is seen in the way they manage their time. People who are good at managing their time will complete their tasks before the deadline. They also know when the right time is to start and stop work.

Good time management will help you get enough sleep at night. Additionally, completing tasks on time can prevent worry and anxiety when going to bed. This way, you can benefit from quality sleep.

Express everything you feel

As difficult as it may be, expressing how you feel is important to maintaining your mental health. You can talk to a trusted colleague or your boss at the office. Try to express anything that stresses you, worries you, or makes you anxious.