How to optimize your website for good SEO?

SEO is an essential lever for any website owner, if you are not yet familiar with this term, know that it encompasses any action leading to optimizing your presence and your ranking on search engines and in particular, that of Google.

If you are wondering how to improve the SEO of your website, first know that according to Google, there are around 200 criteria which officially can influence your ranking in search results. This number of criteria is in reality much more important, and therefore, difficult to navigate unless you are an expert in the field of SEO yourself. If you want to know more, the rest of this article is likely to interest you, in fact, we have grouped together the main SEO levers to activate and which should alone help you improve your Google ranking.

The 3 pillars of SEO: Content, Popularity and Technique

To optimize the SEO of a website, it is important to act on these 3 levers, namely popularity, content and finally, technique.

The contents of a site is essential, it is this which will indicate to Google if your site is able to answer Internet users’ questions. To optimize the content of your site, it is not enough tooptimize the meta description tag as well as the title tag, you need to aim broader, optimize your content site-wide and understand what Google wants on the query you are targeting. To do this, several methods exist, such as analyzing the SERP (the results of a given search) manually, or using specific tools like or Yourtextguru which will be able to help you optimize your texts. but also, to understand the intention behind a given search.

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Popularity of a site is one, if not THE main lever to work on if you want to appear in the first results of Google. It is represented by the number of links pointing to your site, the quality of the sites pointing to yours as well as the contextualization of these. Indeed, the more quality a link is considered to be, the more Google will consider your site to be trustworthy and will ultimately allow you to rank in the first results of its search engine. This being of course a simplified vision of the principle of netlinking, but it gives you a quick overview of what it is about.

Finally, the 3rd criterion, the technical part of your site. Long put aside, the technical aspect of a site allows it to load more quickly and therefore improve what we call the “crawl” of Google bots, but not only that! It is indeed good to know that a fast website is able to convert much better than an “ordinary” and not optimized site.

Optimizing your website can, as you can easily see, turn out to be an arduous task and one that is not within the reach of just anyone. If you don’t have the necessary knowledge or time to learn these techniques, opting for a reputable SEO agency is a great idea. Don’t try to play the sorcerer’s apprentice if the future of your business is at stake! A simple error can in fact be enough to drastically shift the balance of the ranking established by Google.