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The health cataclysm and the economic crisis have forced managers to quickly think about solutions to save their companies. The relaunch of the sales teams is taking place in a difficult environment, the post-containment situation still not being stabilized: management is still done practically on sight. Under these conditions, competition is exacerbated and the advantage will go to the most reactive. A reorganization is therefore urgently needed to smoothly tackle a managerial and strategic turning point.

An essential reorganization

The uncertainty that continues to prevail requires reviewing the structure of the sales force by going back to basics. In order to stay as close as possible to customer expectations, it is necessary to put in place appropriate segmentation, plus specialization by sector in each segment. To avoid excessive and therefore harmful compartmentalization, a spirit of collaboration maintained by recurring processes will however be imposed on everyone. Meetings at fixed intervals by videoconference or in person, horizontal reporting, collaborative mail exchanges will be the rule in order to maintain cohesion. This team spirit is essential to resume, continue or develop commercial prospecting, the reason for the team’s existence. Digitalization will be the backbone.

The benefits of digitalization

In a context where commercial efforts are dramatically reduced and events canceled or postponed to an unknown date, digital marketing represents a lifeline. It turns out that digitalization applied to commercial prospecting has become essential. Lead generation automation represents the most used aspect. This allows you to obtain contact details of potential prospects in just a few clicks. In addition, certain very sophisticated software allows the extraction of very advanced data thanks to detailed and reliable analyses.

How does it work?

Google Chrome extension

Depending on the version, the tool also allows you to search for people from its own platform, based on the basic information you have provided. It is then possible to integrate the prospect data directly into your CRM to better use it.

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By automating as many tasks as possible, the result is a spectacular time saving for salespeople, which adds to their motivation!

Team motivation

As everyone knows, motivation is in fact the “nerve of war” of any management team. A complex mixture of psychological, political and material ingredients, it is this which on the ground establishes the difference between the winners and the losers. Beyond the classic considerations of fixed salaries and various incentive bonuses, in these times of unusual low water levels, it is important to give great importance to the subject.

Managers must listen to employees, to hear their deep concerns. Because anxiety about tomorrow is omnipresent and weakens the emotional stability of agents, and has a negative impact on the quality of work. It is in bad times that we recognize true leaders, those who have the strong will necessary to overcome obstacles. Knowing how to reassure and knowing how to transmit optimism are therefore appreciable and very useful qualities.

The employee naturally expects to be rewarded for his efforts and good results. His hierarchy must always be there, if only with words of recognition, at the very least. Of course, who says reward means evaluating performance according to criteria known in advance and accepted by all. In this sense, the use of tools included in certain lead generators such as Kaspr makes it possible to measure the acquisition or development of the portfolio and to credit the authors concerned.


The future looks uncertain and the current health and climate dysfunctions seem to be long-term. To survive, your business must maintain an adequate structure, that is to say flexible and light with teams motivated to be fast and vigilant at all times. Maintaining the commercial effort with perseverance and constantly adapting will minimize the impacts of uncontrollable external circumstances. Staying on top of information is vital and using an automated lead generation platform is essential for you.