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How to properly invest your money under 40?

Investing your money is not reserved for those aged forty and over, in fact, when you are young and active, knowing how to invest your money provides additional security in view of the many changes taking place in our current economy.

Investing in real estate: really a good idea or not?

Investing in real estate rather than in the field of online trading when you are young is a good idea if you have the chance. Indeed investing in stone remains one of the best possible investments today in the long term and the current situation only validates this point.

The other advantage to invest in real estate when you are young is the fact of being able to obtain interesting results in the long term. The capital gains you will realize and the total amount of rent that you will have perceived will be logically more important. If you are wondering about how to invest your money as a young worker, long-term real estate investment is clearly the option to choose as a priority.

What type of real estate investment should you choose?

You are decided to invest in real estate but the numerous charges, the steps to find your future tenant(s) are giving you a hard time in advance? well in this case, investing in rental real estate will not necessarily be the right solution and it will be necessary direct you towards an SCPI.

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In this precise case, as an investor, you will be led to buy SCPI shares, in a way, a management company which takes care of a real estate portfolio. On your side, as an investor, you will not have to take care of the management of real estate, your task will only be to invest your money and then receive the rents and in certain cases, benefit social benefits, of make SCPI shares grow that you will have obtained, depending on the nature of the SCPI where you have invested your money.

How to invest in real estate through an SCPI?

No matter how much you want to invest, SCPIs are open to all types of investment. Once you have chosen the type of SCPI which best suits your needs, you will have to choose by what financial meansinvestment
In case you do not have the financial funds, it will be possible for you to invest on credit. In principle, this is the same approach as a traditional real estate loan.

For those who wish exempt part of their capital from tax, you can choose a investment in dismemberment.

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