How to run a good marketing campaign using SMS

If technology and its constant developments have made one environment easier, it is that of communication. Indeed, it has become incredibly easy to contact almost anyone in just a few moments. Therefore, it is completely natural to exploit new communication methods in order to be able to carry out information campaigns, and in particular advertising campaigns. Among all the different ways of contacting a prospect, or potential customer, SMS remains an effective method that has continued to improve.

Using SMS for your marketing campaigns

For your SMS marketing campaigns, it is important to take into account several elements. First of all, SMS messages are still a very effective way to contact any recipient today. Indeed, if e-mail campaigns are also favored, we must not forget that many more people have a cell phone than a computer. A mobile phone always within their reach, whether in their pocket or in a handbag, unlike a computer. Therefore, it is often very interesting to carry out SMS campaigns.

Although SMS campaigns often have undeniable success, it remains necessary to respect certain criteria so that they run as smoothly as possible. Indeed, since the invention of the telephone, SMS campaigns have multiplied, which can cause a certain weariness on the part of consumers. It is therefore very important to prepare your campaign well before launching.

Prepare your SMS campaign well

An SMS campaign always has an objective and a target. Two key elements that must be defined as quickly as possible to ensure success. It is also the answer to these questions which will gradually, but certainly, guide the SMS campaign in one direction or another.

Objective : the objectives of an SMS campaign can be multiple, while still being clear. Generally, the desired result is to draw attention to the business, and thus attract new customers or retain existing ones. To do this, it is often preferable to have an event to present in the form of a promotional offer or the presentation of a new product. Indeed, sending an SMS to simply remind prospects that the company exists simply risks not having the desired impact. Of course, the SMS campaign can also aim to invite you to an inauguration or any other company event.

Target : as stated above, the target is most often potential customers, or customers that we wish to keep. Two very distinct targets, but each as important as the other. However, despite this division into categories, another category must be made. Indeed, a young customer and an elderly customer are not the same. They do not have the same cultural references, nor do they have the same vocabulary. It is therefore important to take into account the generation, and socio-professional category, of the targeted groups. This makes it possible to personalize the SMS as best as possible in order to prevent it from being perceived as SPAM, and thus allow it to be much more effective. Indeed, the more personal the message seems, the better.

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The message : if the content of the latter must be tailor-made for the target group, it must also respect other rules. A long message does not make you want to read it. The prospect or customer just risks closing it, or even deleting it, before immediately forgetting about it. To be impactful, a message must be clear, concise, and get to the point as quickly as possible in order to be remembered. To do this, each word must be chosen carefully, particularly keywords.

Send the SMS: sending a text message at 3 a.m. will annoy your target if you wake them up, or be ignored if they are asleep rather than attracting their attention. And when they wake up, this same prospect may not have much time to devote to your message. You must send your message at the time when your target is most likely to be able to receive it. Of course, this requires preparation, as well as luck, but the better you understand your target, the more effective you potentially will be. For example, sending a message at 3 a.m. is indeed a bad idea, but if your target is night watchmen, then it may be relevant since this message will be received while they are most active.

So, here you have some criteria that can allow you to better prepare your SMS campaign. Take the time to study your target carefully in order to send them the most appropriate message possible.