How to write an effective cover letter with CVenligne?

When you respond to a job offer, the cover letter always accompanies the CV. You should know that for many recruiters, the cover letter is more important than the CV, because it shows what the candidate can bring to the company. If you need to write this document to apply for a job offer, you can use the digital solutions offered by to make this task easier. On this page, you will discover how to write your cover letter well thanks to CVenligne!

How to create your cover letter easily with CVenligne?

On CVenligne, it is possible to choose several templates for your cover letter. In fact, you will find different cover letter models to personalize which will already be adapted to the sector in which you are looking for a position. If you are lacking inspiration or want to save time, you can also create a tailor-made cover letter using AI (artificial intelligence) based on your professional background and the position targeted. The platform also offers you access to a search engine to help you find job offers adapted to your profile in your geographic area. A management tool is also available to manage your applications more efficiently. And in case you don’t yet have a CV, know that you can also create a personalized CV using design templates on CVenligne. Thanks to the quick customization of your CV to fill out online and download, you will save time and make your job search easier!

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How to write your cover letter well?

To write a good cover letter, you must:

  • that the document is quite brief (one sheet of 3 or 4 paragraphs maximum), concise and adapted to the target position;
  • create a unique cover letter for each job offer;
  • be careful with the wording,
  • spelling and presentation;
  • avoid writing by hand and always prefer a printed cover letter created on the computer;
  • leave fairly wide margins;
  • opt for a formal, cordial and always positive style.

What to include in a cover letter?

So that one cover letter is relevant and for it to attract the attention of recruiters, it must include:

  • the header: cite the reference of the job offer, the date, the name and address of the company to which the letter is addressed;
  • the presentation: briefly explain who you are, what you have done so far and what your professional objective is;
  • your motivations: explain why you are the ideal person for the position. You need to make sure that the person selecting the worker sees that you are familiar with the position and the company. These include personal skills that can add value to the job you choose;
  • the polite formula: end your letter by requesting a personal interview and conclude with a polite formula. Write your first and last name and don’t forget to sign.

What should not be included in a cover letter?

Finally, here are the mistakes to avoid when writing your cover letter:

  • spelling or grammatical errors;
  • ask for the salary or demand a fairly high salary;
  • criticize previous professional or educational experiences;
  • give incorrect information;
  • Unprofessional email address.

Thanks to all these tips, and with the help of CVenligne, you should succeed in creating an effective cover letter to land the position of your dreams!