HP se lance désormais dans le secteur de la location d'imprimantes

HP is now entering the printer rental business

In a world where technology is evolving at lightning speed, HP is reinventing itself and offering a new way of thinking about owning and using a printer. The big news comes from the company’s CEO, Enrique Lores, who recently revealed the HP All-In Plan, an innovative subscription service intended to revolutionize our relationship with printers.

The concept is simple but daring: instead of buying a printer, why not rent it? This idea is reminiscent of the service Instant Ink already offered by HP, which ensures regular delivery of ink to its users. However, the HP All-In Plan goes further by integrating the printer itself into the subscription. So you no longer have to worry about obsolescence or breakdowns: for a monthly fee, HP takes care of everything.

Depending on the plan chosen, ranging from $6.99 for 20 pages of printing per month up to $35.99 for 700 pages, users will receive a printer model corresponding to their needs, ranging from the HP Envy for the most modest to the powerful OfficeJet Pro. Flexibility is also key: if you exceed your page quota, HP offers additional refills at a minimal cost.

However, this system is based on a two-year commitment, similar to a rental, with no option to purchase. If the user decides to jump ship before the end of the contract, fees of up to $270 may apply, depending on the timing of termination.

Beyond the offer, HP is banking on a communication campaign highlighting how printers can be a source of frustration for consumers. The company thus promises a worry-free experience, with benefits such as quick replacement in the event of failure and ongoing maintenance, offering a solution to eternal update or compatibility problems.

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This initiative clearly aims to appeal to a broad audience, not necessarily concerned about acquiring a printer, but rather about peace of mind and convenience. It perfectly illustrates how the company intends to meet the modern expectations of consumers, tired of the hassles linked to technology, and offers a reassuring alternative.

Faced with recurring printer management difficulties, HP therefore offers with its new HP All-In Plan a tailor-made response, combining innovation and ease of use, in the hope of transforming the image of a product often considered a necessary evil. This approach highlights the dichotomy in the world of printing: between the search for functional simplicity and the acceptance of a certain technological dependence. It remains to be seen whether consumers will be seduced by this promise of a new era without printing concerns.