HR: optimize your management

For a company that wants to be prosperous, ensuring good human resources management is an essential step. For this, having good skills or excellent know-how in the field is not always sufficient. With the development of digital technology and technology, many tools are now available to support you. Payroll software, recruitment software, human resources management advisor… If you want to optimize your management, here are some tips and tricks to adopt.

Use payroll software

To optimize human resources management in your company, it is essential to use payroll software. Called again payroll processing software, it is an IT tool which makes it possible to ensure management relating to remuneration, but also administrative management of personnel.

Payroll software automatically and independently manages the administrative process linked to the payment of all company salaries. In this context, he proceeds to dematerialization of pay slips, thereby allowing employers to provide employees with pay slips in electronic format.

Furthermore, payroll software helps companies have total control over their payroll data, declarations and workflows. In addition, they promote:

  • the automation of social and conventional rules,
  • the reliability and security of social data,
  • reducing the risk of error and oversight in payroll calculations.

Apart from these advantages, the payroll software present many others.

Saving time for HR and payroll teams

One of the main benefits of payroll software is that it promotes the productivity of HR teams by simplifying the task. Indeed, this type of software helps automate time-consuming activities without much added value, such as payroll calculation. Thus, HR teams are able to refocus on more important work such as analysis, social monitoring or legal assistance activities.

Limiting the risks of sanctions

In terms of employee payment, several controls are carried out by organizations such as URSSAF and the DGFIP. In fact, the pay slips are examined by the URSSAF which verifies the calculation and payment of social security contributions. The DGFIP ensures the collection and payment of income tax.

In the event of possible errors or irregularities noted by these organizations, administrative, financial or even criminal sanctions may affect the company. To do this, it is essential to equip yourself with efficient payroll software adapted to your activity and your needs.

Cost reduction

By adopting payroll software that promotes reduction of administrative tasks, you can make real savings. However, to benefit from this advantage, you must choose a payroll solution that is truly adapted to the needs of your business. To do this, you must make an inventory of all the particularities of your organization on the points concerning:

  • the workforce of the structure,
  • the tools used,
  • internal processes.

This exercise will make it easier to design your software and its configuration will be more in line with your business. This way, your profits will be maximized.

Payroll Software

Opt for recruitment software

Also called ATS (Applicant Tracking System), recruitment software is an essential tool in human resources management. In a context where companies receive thousands of CVs per year, it is appropriate to adopt this tool in order to better manage recruitment processes (whatever the size of the company).

In reality, recruitment software is mainly used to automate and digitize tasks related to the recruitment process. Thus, it makes it possible to implement a strategy aimed at recruiting the best talents in an intelligent manner. For this purpose, there are two main types of recruitment software on the market. SaaS recruitment software and On-Premise software. Each of them has specificities that you must consider before making your choice.

On-Premise software

On-Premise software is programs installed directly on your company’s servers as well as on recruiters’ workstations. To this end, they require significant technical resources:

  • a server for store candidate data,
  • workstations,
  • a person responsible for reporting and fixing bugs.

The main advantage of On-Premise software is that it is easy to customize. Additionally, they provide more control over the implementation process. However, it should be noted that these programs evolve very slowly, which means that few updates are expected. This defect represents a real constraint, because the human resources sector is constantly evolving.

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company recruitment

SaaS software

Unlike On-Premise software, SaaS software is hosted on online servers. The principle consists of remote access to the software using an internet connection. As a result, they do not require any installation on user workstations or any technical means on your part. All your recruiters need is a good internet connection and a computer.

Furthermore, all candidate information is stored on the software publisher’s servers. In addition, updates can be carried out remotely and on a regular basis by the software developer team. In summary, SaaS software offer a multitude of benefits. Thanks to them, your recruiters have the possibility to work from any location and whenever they want. This represents a real advantage, particularly with the development of teleworking.

In addition, with this software, you will be able to make real savings and control your costs. They work like monthly or annual subscriptions, the costs of which depend on the features chosen and the number of users. These prices include maintenance services, updates, hosting, etc.

It should also be noted that with SaaS mode, your data is secure. They are backed up every day and are kept in data centers equipped with cutting-edge technology.

SaaS software has many advantages over On-Premise software. They are easy to use and avoid a lot of constraints for your recruiters.

Support employees during their journey

To optimize human resources management within your company, you must ensure good integration of new employees. Indeed, as soon as you carry out recruitment, you must set up a system of monitoring of recruited staff. This will allow them to quickly embrace your company’s identity and culture.

To start, you can assign them a tutor, so that they don’t end up alone. You can also organize training for your employees so that they feel more part of your company and are supported in their professional career.

Additionally, give promotions to the most deserving employees if you need internal skills. This will undoubtedly help to encourage and motivate your staff. In addition, you can sometimes organize corporate events such as parties and team buildings.

These events will lead to the improvement of internal communication, while helping to increase the motivation of your employees as well as their productivity.

Improve your communication

For better human resources management, you must mobilize and retain your employees, so that they feel involved in your structure. To do this, it is appropriate to adopt positive language. With this in mind, you must remove designations such as employee, employee or boss from your vocabulary. Instead, prefer words with a more participatory scope and connotation. These include, for example, terms like employee or manager.

Indeed, through the term “collaborator” we find a more accentuated sense of responsibility and involvement. Likewise, the expression “manager” gives its bearer a management and hierarchical superior mission.

In addition, you must make a point of taking care of communication in your company. For this purpose, you must practice active listening in your team. It is a concept whose idea is to allow an interlocutor to express themselves freely and to be listened to sincerely and attentively. This will have the effect of allowing your colleagues to be more open and more expressive.

You should also encourage team spirit. A team that gets along and understands each other easily is more likely to communicate well. By doing everything possible to achieve this objective, general understanding is guaranteed and relationships can be easily established between your colleagues. Do not hesitate to set up convivial moments such as coffees, lunches, etc.

Call on a human resources management advisor

To facilitate human resources management in your company, you can contact an advisor in the field. Indeed, several firms have specialized in consulting and offer their expertise to businesses. The main role of the advisor is to improve the quality of your employees’ work.

To choose your advisor, you can make a query in the trade directory. You will get many results. However, to identify a reliable advisor, you must take into account certain criteria such as their responsiveness, availability, proximity and above all their competence.

Thanks to technological evolution and development, there are now many digital tools that can support you in Human resources management. However, they must be associated with techniques that are more human-oriented, for optimized management of human resources.