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Humble’s latest bundle is perfect for Steam Deck and PC controllers.

The author of the article, Joël Loynds, presents to us the Controller’d Chaos bundle, a collection of exceptional games designed to be played with a controller, whether on PC or Steam Deck. The bundle was created by Humble Bundle with a focus on controller lovers. PC video games, which support a wide variety of controllers, are ideal for this. The games included in this collection are designed to be played with two thumbs rather than a mouse and keyboard.

In this offer, a host of games are offered. Some are perhaps less known to the general public while others are true classics. It should be noted that not all of these games will be immediately compatible with the Steam Deck. The author also makes a specific note about them. This is one of the excellent video game offerings that Humble has created recently. The games offered all have their own value, and are not limited to one type of junk game.

Regarding the price, please note that you’ll get these eight games for just $14. In addition, part of these profits will be donated to charity.

In this Controller’d Chaos bundle, you will find among other things:

– “Destroy all humans”
– “Ghostbusters: the video game remastered”
– “Man-eater”
– “No more heroes”
– “Orcs must die! 3 complete pack”
– “The rain on your parade”
– “Sunset in Overdrive”

One of the games featured in this new Humble Bundle is considered one of the best ever made: No More Heroes. It is appreciated for its purity, its disorder and its atypical side. If you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game as it existed in 2007, you will feel right at home. Even though the PC version of the game ditched moves, it’s easier to do without them. The game has plenty of unlockables that are hidden behind hefty price tags, but that’s the charm of games of old. Don’t worry, there is a quick way to earn money in the game.

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The game follows the journey of Travis Touchdown, who eventually rises in the assassin rankings after purchasing a laser sword online. It’s an incredible experience that every video game fan must experience at least once.

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