I debated again why Legolas from Lord of the Rings doesn’t sink into the snow, but this time I was ready.

The writer J.R.R. Tolkien He will never know that his excellent works have given us two wonderful film trilogies and a series on Amazon: The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Rings of Power, although the latter two productions are not as wonderful to many fans as the first. We discussed this debate recently. Today we have a much more specific topic.

I recently started re-watching the movies. The Lord of the Rings Yes The Hobbit I usually do this every few months. Let’s say I watch each trilogy three or four times a year. Each time I try to get someone to watch them again, with me or alone, and thus have someone with a fresh memory to comment on them.

Last Saturday morning, after a 6 hour session Expeditions: a MudRunner game I saw again The Fellowship of the Ring in an elongated version with a good mixed bowl of pistachios and seeds. I managed to convince a friend to watch it and throughout the week we discussed different aspects. “I still don’t understand how the arrow shooter (Legolas) doesn’t sink into the snow and the others almost die,” he told me in a burst of genius.

Legolas, snow and other superhuman madness

All fans of The Lord of the Rings They had this debate and had to explain to someone why our lord Legolas, Green Leaf, doesn’t sink into the snow when the Fellowship of the Ring tries to cross Caradhras Pass. Remember that Saruman almost brought the mountain down on them, forcing them through the epic Mines of Moria. We all know the outcome of this decision.


I have been in his place. There was a time when I didn’t know it either. I explained it to him the same way I explain it now to all of you reading this post, whether you know the answer or not. According to information on Tolkiengateway, which includes testimonials and descriptions from JRR Tolkien himself, the reason has to do with his elven nature.

He was as tall as a sapling, agile, immensely strong, capable of quickly drawing a great war bow and felling a Nazgûl, endowed with the formidable vitality of elven bodies, so tough and resistant to damage that he only walked ‘with light shoes. On rock or in the snow, the most tireless of the entire Community.

This is how Tolkien describes Legolas in The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two (Page 327). Elves are known for their agility, lightness, strength, reflexes and superhuman senses and our Green Leaf is an exceptional case among elves. His incredible balance allows him to distribute his weight perfectly when walking, running or any action, making the most of his natural abilities.

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His elven nature is not only enough to explain why he doesn’t sink into the snow, but also to justify other movements that we see in the films: riding a horse that runs at full speed (The Two Towers) , go up and down quickly. descend an Oliphant (The Return of the King) and jump through the rubble of a falling tower (The Battle of the Five Armies).

Fans added a very important fact to support this theory: Legolas’ clothes and equipment. He is always dressed in cloth clothing and leather straps, including his boots, to interfere as little as possible with his natural abilities. As for weapons, the most common are a wooden bow and arrows as well as a knife. The consensus is that the heaviest items you carry in the snow are your arrowheads and the handle of your knife. Nothing that could sink him.

The only difference with The Battle of the Five Armies It is the elven sword, but we still know that the weapons forged by the elves were extraordinarily light and that it remained stuck in its enemy before Legolas made the famous maneuver to avoid falling next to the structure .

This is a very condensed explanation of why Legolas can do everything he does so much in The Lord of the Rings as in The Hobbit . He is a very powerful and exceptional character, although this has never been a problem for Gimli. The dwarf always tried to compete with him, even though he was very opposed. Together, they made the perfect team. If you are fans of Tolkien’s work and have more specific information to complete, I invite you to share it in the comments.