Zelda Les Larmes du Royaume

I discovered a hidden temple and ended up fighting in a boxing match

After a sweet and intense vacation in Onaona, it’s time to get back into the routine in my journey through The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Exploring, discovering and finding new secrets is my main task, so the juiciest area nearby to surprise me was Farone . A jungle in which to get lost and which, even if it is not my favorite terrain, surely awaits surprises.

However, the discovery did not take place on earth, but in the heavens. In one of the classic parasailing flights I saw this huge storm full of clouds that can be seen from many points in Hyrule. , where lightning makes it clear that this is not a friendly place. I asked my sister, who had progressed much further than me, if I was going to burn myself trying to get in and she said yes, but my stubbornness was greater; my sister’s lie, even more so.

I shouldn’t be here

Indeed, I anticipated too many events in my adventure. Once past the thick cloud, I find zonnan ruins and a relic in the form of a mask that I can collect to transport it to a location indicated by a laser beam. And I don’t say it, but she tells me herself, so the question of failures is already beginning to take on a transcendental aspect.

Before leaving, I decide to look outside the floating island and see many smaller ones floating nearby, which is another symptom that I skipped a previous step . Since there is no cure for my mistake and my desire to find out what is happening cannot be suppressed, I open the huge portal where I am asked to have 10 complete hearts.

I’m on Dragon Head Island and won’t have time for sightseeing, as I’m building a turbine plane to fly down to the mainland quickly. It’s amazing how much fun I have riding and piloting something built with the Ultramano, no matter how many times I’ve done it. Once on the ground, I open the passage to the Tubio Valley Abyss, in a hidden point in Farone and begin to descend towards the basement.

I still don’t have any armor or food prepared to protect me from corruption, so I’m already starting to see too many death screens. While I visualize a thousand ways Link can die a sign tells me that I have just arrived at the Golem Production Center.

The ultimate weapon of destruction

It’s not that Oppenheimer believes me, far from it, and the creature I’m going to build certainly won’t be able to devastate Hyrule in one fell swoop, but the mold I see in front of me already indicates that I’m going to continue creating a powerful being. . The narrative elements begin to fit together as soon as the voice reveals itself to be Mineru, the spirit sage from billions of years ago, who needs a physical body to materialize into in order to heal. help.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Realm

So now it’s time to find the pieces of the golem through four different tests. Arms and legs, since I just brought the head and the trunk is already there, so it’s time to visit the factories. To this whole part of Zelda: Tears of the Realm It can be called the Temple of the Spirit, although I haven’t gotten there yet, and these challenges show that we face a challenge that goes beyond the usual scale .

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Having to build a car to be able to drive on lava, taking advantage of the advantages of wheels to lift huge blocks of stone or making the most of turbines on rails and elevators constitute a set of ideas very well executed by Eiji The team ‘Aonuma. These are fun problems to solve, always with an absurd margin of possible solutions; You have to transport object X from point A to point B and you can assemble it however you really want.

This way I get create the Golem that, to my surprise, I can ride and control like a Power Ranger mecha . Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but this idea that appeals to the Japanese so much of having your own unstoppable robot is here, so it’s time to reinforce it with the best weapons.

Zelda's Kingdom of Tears

Guantazos zonnanicos

Now heading to the Spirit Temple, I can try out all kinds of gadgets on the Golem’s hands and back. My test subjects are unsuspecting bokoblins who don’t know what awaits them with spiked bullets and cannon blasts. What is clear to me is that he is very slow to move with the Golem, even with a turbine on his back, so I will reserve his use for fights in very closed spaces.

Of course, as soon as I arrive at the Temple, I have to fight with the corrupted Golem, who invites me to fight in a kind of boxing ring . I really wasn’t expecting this one and in the midst of so much confusion, I hit the spikes that make up the ring ropes. It hurts a lot and I can’t get off the Golem to break its teeth properly, so I die several times. It’s necessary to carefully calculate when to attack, because one mistake in timing and you’re sold.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Realm

Once defeated, I receive as a reward my cutscene in which Mineru explains to me in detail part of what happened during the battle against Ganondorf. These are juicy, interesting details and allow me to learn a little more about the sacrifices Rauru and the others had to make to contain the evil beneath Hyrule Castle. After that, I get the Golem as a traveling companion and decide to rewatch the order of the cutscenes only to realize that, once again, I went way further than I should have. Mineru’s memory should see it later, so we see that I lack a lot of context to understand everything .