"J'espère que personne ne le remarquera" : Batman et Bane ont utilisé une curieuse astuce pour communiquer pendant The Dark Knight Rises

‘I hope no one notices’: Batman and Bane used a curious trick to communicate during The Dark Knight Rises

There dark knight trilogy Nolan’s is one of the best superhero cinematic productions. The Dark Knight, the second film, is best valued for the clash between Christian Bale’s Batman and Heath Ledger’s Joker. It was and continues to be a show like no other. The two others, Batman Begins Yes The legend is reborn They’re not far away either.

The curiosity of this publication belongs to The Dark Knight Rises, where Batman faces another of his enemies: Bane, played by Tom Hardy. How does this man love a mask! It turns out that the two actors had difficulty communicating due to wearing masks and outside noise, especially during the final sequences.

Nolan had to call them out several times because they weren’t responding to each other’s dialogue. Finally, Bale and Hardy found a little trick to communicate: raise your finger . “I hope no one notices in the film, but that’s how we communicated,” Bale told Heart.

We were so far away and I couldn’t hear what he was saying because it was too loud. He couldn’t hear what I was saying because there was a lot of noise (…) So Tom and I… I was saying my sentence and I was doing (raises a finger) with my finger and he knew that I I was finished. So he would do his part and do it (raises finger). But a little more discreet.

Both actors made an effort to make the signal as discreet as possible and it worked because the vast majority of us didn’t realize it. Knowing this, it will be difficult to watch the film again without constantly keeping an eye on your hands. If you want to give it a try, the trilogy is available in full on HBO Max and Netflix.

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