Batman Superman

I returned to my childhood and reconciled with Superman after two decades of oblivion, but Warner Bros. prevents me from enjoying it

Evolving is part of life. We leave behind things that end up being forgotten, but it usually happens that one day a stimulus arrives and a whole world of memories is unlocked. And it turns out that what you forgot decades ago comes back with great force to remind you of those days when you appreciated it so much. The current pleasure must not only be due to nostalgia, but also to the fact that the taste for this thing has not died… it has simply been buried in a huge mountain of experiences.

In my case, the stimulus came by itself. James Gunn , head of the new DC universe and director of the next Superman film (David Corenswet). A fan asked him about his inspirations for the new film and he shared up to 10 works/references on his Instagram account. While making the news, I rediscovered a certain number of memories and since then, I have reconciled myself with the character.

Superman: The Return of Hope

Superman He was my first favorite superhero, like that of many children, but in my case, it was a real passion. At the end of the day, I’m still here. I remember dressing up as Superman at school for 4-5 years in a row, having toys and playing at recess as Superman with the school uniform jersey as a cape. To me, he was the perfect, ultimate superhero. And I was not mistaken in this idea.

Growing up, I discovered other superheroes through comics, books, films, series and video games. I never fell into the networks of Spider Man but yes in those of Wolverine. This may seem strange, but Logan is responsible for Clark Kent ending up in the broken toy drawer. I have great affection for others like Captain America, Punisher, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, and Green Lantern, but it eventually happened to Batman… a fascination that continues to this day.

Batman Superman

Batman It’s not far from Superman either, but I still have to admit that I spent a little over two decades without having the slightest interest in the character. I loved it Steel man by Henry Cavill, but not a thousandth of the passion that my little version felt. I really enjoyed watching Ben Affleck’s Batman put his boot to the throat of Cavill’s Superman.

So what has changed? How did I come to terms with Superman after two decades? The answer has its own name: Superman: The Animated Series o Superman: The Animated Series . He is one of Gunn’s inspirations for his version of the character and the spark that reignited my passion for the character.

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I unlocked a very beautiful memory. When I was a child, my mother managed to record an episode of the series for me on a VHS tape. It was episode 6, Feeding time , from season 1 of Superman: The Animated Series. Suffice it to say, there wasn’t much money at home to buy/rent movies or series, so this movie became my most precious treasure. I watched the same episode for years. I loved it to stratospheric levels. It has a rating of 7.6/10 on IMDb.

Superman animated series
Superman animated series

My Superman world revolved around this episode for a few years. I will never be able to forget the soundtrack to its opening. The story pitted Superman against Parasite o Parasite (Rudolph “Rudy” Jones), a villain capable of temporarily absorbing the life energy, superpowers and knowledge of whoever he touches. For me it was the most epic battle. It’s hard to express in words how much this episode means to me. The tape eventually got destroyed from so much use.

A few days ago I entered HBO Max (for which I pay the subscription religiously) to watch once again episode 1×06 of Superman: The Animated Series… and obviously it is not available in Spain, as is generally the case for any series or movie you want to see. It’s also not on Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney Plus, and even less Crunchyroll. And mentioning that I pay for all these platforms is relevant because it helps me justify what I did: honest hacking.

I managed to find the episode on DailyMotion and in English. Other pages have it in Latin Spanish. There was no human way to find it in Spanish. I rewatched it with a smile on my face and remembered why I was always so passionate about Superman…even if I had forgotten him over the years. Please, HBO, Max, show me the series in Spain!

Not that Superman is going to quell my fascination with Batman, but I admit that I was a little excited to find Superman in this way. I have to see again Steel man Yes Batman v Superman With fresh eyes, Clark’s first flight scene is perhaps even more special than it was when I saw the film in the theater. Rediscovering Superman is magical.