Si vous avez aimé One Piece sur Netflix, voici deux minutes et demie de gaffes et de prises de vue

If you liked One Piece on Netflix, here’s two and a half minutes of goofs and outtakes

Humor is an essential component of One Piece. It’s in the manga, in the anime and, without bordering on the comedy genre, it’s also something that is always present in one way or another in every episode of the live action series of Netflix. The talent of the actors is essential when it comes to conveying the joy of the Straw Hat Pirates and, in doing so, they know how to be funny even when they are wrong.

The series with flesh and blood actors One piece It has become one of Netflix’s biggest hits, and its author’s involvement has a lot to do with its success with fans. And even if the wait is still long for the announced second season, there are still a few scenes to show. More concretely, outputs.

On the occasion of Geek’ Week 23 Netflix has concocted two and a half minutes of goofs and sloppy dialogue from One piece , the live-action series. In some cases, even the initiative of the actors could not save the filming. In others, as you will see, this is what forced them to repeat.

A compilation of scenes shown from a new perspective which, moreover, leaves us with some really interesting moments and, at the same time, behind-the-scenes secrets showing the cabling system or the impressive sets created for a series with an astronomical budget and, considering what we saw, it was worth every penny invested.

What will happen from here? Once the actors’ and writers’ strike is over, production of all announced series and films is expected to resume its original course, including the voyage of a Vogue Merry whose team will now need a very unconventional doctor.

Iñaki Godoy, the Luffy dreamed of by Eiichiro Oda, said that he would love to play the captain of the Straw Hat gang all his life, and seeing all the adventures that await him until reaching the manga and anime, it is clear that he It will take them many, many years.

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Regardless, Netflix has made sure to continue to fascinate anime fans between now and the premiere of the new season of One piece. At the end of the year we will see another live action based on Yu Yu Hakuso, a cult manga published in Shonen JUMP, and in 2024 we will have a new version of Avatar: The Last Airbender with real actors and an anime from The Witcher. with the same voice that we hear in video games. Meanwhile, the anime One piece It’s getting more and more interesting. Good times for fans of Made in Japan animation.