Le premier démontage de Vision Pro d'iFixit examine l'intérieur du nouveau casque d'Apple

iFixit’s first Vision Pro teardown explores the inside of Apple’s new headset.

In the constantly innovative world of technology, the disassembly of new gadgets becomes a ritual as captivating as their launch. Among the most recent tech curiosities, Apple’s Vision Pro is no exception to this tradition. A careful exploration carried out by iFixit, renowned for its detailed analyzes of the internal architecture of electronic devices, reveals the innards of this novelty.

From the start, the Vision Pro’s disassembly operation proves accessible, requiring only a tool as basic as a SIM card ejector to disconnect the essential Buff Lightning connectors to the battery and straps. Subsequently, the process follows the typical lineage of Apple products, involving the use of a heat gun, levers, as well as an abundance of screws, brackets and connectors.

The main attraction of this gadget, namely its EyeSight system, is dissected with remarkable precision. Contrary to popular belief of a unified video stream, iFixit reveals that it is a “set of videos that capture your eyes”. The process begins with an OLED panel displaying multiple faces, which are then split and filtered through a lenticular layer. The latter, through another similar layer, enlarges the image to fit it over the entire visible area. Finally, a secondary lens projects two slightly distinct images towards the eyes, creating a striking 3D effect.

However, this complex architecture results in a dark and blurry image making visibility difficult on the Vision Pro’s external screen, a criticism frequently raised by users.

Additionally, Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, through an illustrative tweet, recently shared a glimpse of the Vision Pro and its screen stripped of its surface layers, exposing the external cameras and sensors at the same time. The video briefly presents the device, however promising more detailed revelations to come. According to iFixit, the helmet is so complex that a single video is not enough to cover its entirety, suggesting a more in-depth exploration in the near future.

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In conclusion, iFixit’s teardown adventure takes us deep into the complexity and ingenuity that defines the Vision Pro, highlighting both its innovations and the challenges it presents. The impressions gathered and the promises of future analyzes are generating growing interest in the tech community, eager to discover how far down this “rabbit hole” goes.