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Inb network ai marketing: what are the differences?

Do you often hear the terms AI Marketing and INB Network without understanding their real meanings? You have vague ideas about these concepts, but you can’t separate them. If so, the following lines will shed some light on them. Tell yourself that they allow you to earn money without tiring yourself out too much, so follow the guide!

AI Marketing, here is the simplified explanation

Before discussing the differences between INB Network and AI Marketing, it would be preferable to clarify the concept of financing advertising campaigns.

AI Marketing is an investment via a marketbot

The first two letters of AI Marketing stand for Artificial Intelligence. As you doubt, this is a business model that allows you to make money through the marketbot. This robot is programmed to analyze consumer behavior in a given geographic area. Its algorithm will identify the products, but also the brands that sell best on the Web. He will finance advertisements from his deductions.

Each advertising campaign decided by a marketbot can bring in money. In fact, part of the revenue generated by the e-retailer or the brand goes to those who supported its communication. As a business introducer, you receive a commission on the price of each item sold thanks to the advertising you have financed.

AI Marketing is precisely an investment platform where you can invest capital and make it grow. Instead of thinking for yourself which companies will make a profit from their Internet ads, you entrust this task to robots. The latter will invest your money in brands that it judges can generate revenue. If it is necessary to explain in even simpler words, you finance advertising campaigns and if sales take off, you pocket part of the profits.

A system that allows you to receive cashback

If the robot is correct in its predictions, you will pocket up to 35% profits in addition to your capital. This is possible thanks to cashback platforms such as Igraal. The latter allows people who make frequent purchases on the Web to earn discount vouchers. She is a partner of AI Marketing, a completely different company owned by Wexford Alliance Limited.

The company behind the investment platform would be registered in the Hong Kong commercial register, even if its owners are Russian. To find out, you can knock on the door of its head office at 111 Bonham Strand, MW Tower, 7 Floor, Sheung Wan. Although its business model can be scary, the company has always played the card of transparency.

Your funds can be recovered via different payment methods, particularly in cryptocurrencies. It is also possible to reinvest them in other businesses on the Internet. Here is an example for your understanding: the robot chose to finance an advertisement for a PC sold at €600. AI Marketing receives €1 for each computer sold. 45% of this money is paid to the marketbot, in particular to supply a guarantee fund. If the system implodes, this piggy bank partially covers the losses. 55% of the commission is yours.

INB Network, the tip of the iceberg

Some YouTubers present AI Marketing and INB Network as a single iceberg. The submerged part would then be the investment in advertising campaigns by a robot. The other side is still as complex as it is fascinating.

INB Network is a pyramid scheme of investors

Ad financing is a lucrative business, but it will become even more lucrative if you join a community of enthusiasts. The INB Network exists to allow you to invest more money and boost your earnings. This is a paid sponsorship network. Concretely, you will have to convince other people to grow their funds on AI Marketing. Part of their capital that they pay to the platform lands in your investor portfolio.

As you may have understood, INB Network is based on multi-level marketing. You will receive between 5 and 15% of the capital contributed to the company. The people you sponsor just need to recognize that they are your goddaughters. As they will also seek to recruit other investors, these new recruits will bring you money. The pyramid system benefits all levels. You gain bonus assets every time your network grows.

It is clear that the term Multilevel Marketing (MLM) can be scary. Like Bernard Madoff’s financial package, examples based on this same pyramid system have resulted in bitter failures for investors. The mathematician Marc Artzroun has scientifically proven that this economic model only benefits those at the very top of the hierarchy. YouTubers and many members of the INB Network community do not agree.

If a career in network marketing appeals to you…

Your level in the ING Network sponsorship pyramid determines your additional earnings. In total, there are 14 bearings in the structure. The commission will also increase accordingly when you move up in the network. Currently, the rate varies from 5 to 15%. At the very bottom of the scale, the agent receives 5% of the amount that your referrals have invested in AI Marketing in one month. If the total of their investments reaches 1 million euros, then the investor pockets the equivalent of 15% commission (€150,000) and a fixed monthly bonus of €50,000.

If you manage to climb the ladder, you reach the title of Platinum Director, a high rank worth up to 200 million euros in annual turnover. That said, know that INB Network has its ecosystem. The network notably has its token called NBO. It is a virtual currency that different members can exchange with each other. There is also the PRTN partner value unit. Both are convertible into Bitcoins, dollars and then euros.

Regarding the NBO bonuses that you receive through affiliation, it is possible to exchange them for real money on Subsequently, you should invest them in AI Marketing. On this platform you can extract the profits, but obeying certain conditions. For example, it would be preferable not to exceed €1,200 per month. Above this amount, you will have to provide explanations to the tax authorities. Rest assured, you will just have to pay income tax.

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So, what makes AI Marketing different from INB Network?

We’re getting to the heart of the matter. The purpose of this article is to differentiate between AI Marketing and the INB Network. Here they are :

AI Marketing and INB Network are two separate platforms

Those who invest their money in AI Marketing do not systematically have to join the INB Network pyramid structure. This community exists for the sole purpose of promoting the platform’s investments. It is not obligatory, even if the two entities are closely linked. In fact, they have signed a partnership agreement which binds them for an indefinite period.

If the agreement between AI Marketing and the sprawling INB Network is broken, investors keep their portfolios. The financial investment platform is quite solid since it is recognized by leading advertising agencies. Among its biggest collaborators are Facebook Ads and Google Ads. In other words, the money you make on AI Marketing is used precisely to finance the ads on these sites. There are also partners such as Yahoo, Instagram, Taboola or Yandex Direct.

Until proven otherwise, you should not worry about your assets on AI Marketing. However, you will be able to boost your winnings thanks to the multiplication on INB Network. You will just have to convince other people to join the platform to earn a commission. Once again, this step is not obligatory, but it remains recommended if you want to round up the monthly ends.

The two partners are complementary
You can get started with AI Marketing investments from the INB Network platform. The inbnetwork site is accessible via personal authentication. Comprising multiple sections, it offers you various opportunities. Among other things, it allows you to access virtual marketplaces located in Russia. Individuals and businesses will be able to make purchases there. Some of the content is written in the Cyrillic alphabet, but there are also texts in French.

You will be able to use your tokens (NBO) for different purposes. These are tokens that you can spend on purchasing goods or investing in businesses in the Russian Confederation. This is a freedom that European stock exchanges will never offer you for various reasons, notably because of the economic situation. Only the ING Network platform invites you to do so.

AI Marketing only receives capital and returns it with earnings at a rate of around 5% and it is not scalable. With ING Network sponsorship, you receive a bonus as soon as your sponsored child invests money. As a result, you will not have to take the risk of committing your own money. It will be up to others to do it and you pocket a certain amount of money each time they do it. In all cases, INB Network allows you to earn money on the Internet with the minimum investment: from 10€.

Summary table between these platforms

AI Marketing ING Network
Kind Advertising campaign investment platform Multi-Level Marketing platform partner
Recognition by the main advertising agencies Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yandex, Yahoo, etc. NO. You have to go through AI Marketing
Amount to invest Starting capital €10 No limitations
Member Authentication YES YES
Clone sites Yes YES
Interest rate Fixed at 5% Scalable between 5 and 15%
Possibility of sponsorship NO YES
Earnings per referral NO YES
Bonuses Welcome check of €50 5% to 15% of funds invested by referrals
Virtual currency NO, only the dollar NBO and PRTN
Others Simple investment. Not recognized by European banks. Possibility of a career in MLM and opening onto Russian marketplaces

What about profitability and risks?

If the idea of ​​entrusting your assets to artificial intelligence appeals to you, AI Marketing is the perfect place for you. Naturally, you wonder about the real profitability of such an investment model. Risks can also slow you down. In this case, these explanations are intended for you.

Multiply your starting capital by 27 in one year

As with any investment, advertising placement presents an element of uncertainty. Indeed, it is quite difficult to know if a visual actually helps boost the sale of a product. However, the initiators of the concept estimate that the average profitability is 25 to 35% of the stake. Which far exceeds the minimum 15% that business schools teach their students.

Theoretically, if a business cannot generate 15% gross margin, it is better to give up. With AI Marketing, you have a rate that can exceed 50%. In rare situations it is 90%. This happens when the product being advertised generates significant added value. Experts believe that INB Network is deliberately inflating the percentage in order to attract more investors.

Another detail: profitability depends on the amount invested. The benefits are proportional to the amount of your budget. Some analysts believe it would be better to start with a portfolio of €350. This money will allow you to understand how the platform works. If it makes you earn €122, you should invest everything to reach a capital of €472. By doing this for one year, you build up €9,500 in assets and pocket €3,325 in profits. This linear representation is not always maintained.

As with any investment, there are always risks

The simple fact that Russians are behind the AI ​​Marketing concept does not please Europeans. As a result, many banks refuse to be associated with this platform. Which poses a problem for real money transactions. However, you can fund your investment portfolio from a virtual currency account. There is in particular the reconversion to/from Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For now, the system is not in danger of collapsing. The ING Network community seems to benefit from a relatively good image compared to most MLM models. For its part, AI Marketing also enjoys a better reputation compared to other online investments. Unlike Antares Trade and similar deals, senior management remains discreet and shows no ostentatious signs of financial success.

With ING Network there is a very real risk of getting caught up in the network’s gears. Additionally, recruiting other investors can become time-consuming. Then, in the event of failure, the company’s managers will be able to say that their assets have been blocked by the authorities. Finally, know that you can withdraw your capital from AI Marketing at any time. Go through the same means that allowed you to invest. For virtual currencies, the transaction towards real money is subject to a flat fee.