7 Steps To Increase Comment Karma On Reddit

Increase Reddit Comment Karma

Reddit Karma is a voting system for content that is posted on Reddit. Members of Reddit have the freedom to give their opinion on the content of the platform. Posts that get the most comments or engagement are well noticed within the Reddit community. These posts are automatically placed at the top of search results.

An account’s Reddit karma increases depending on the type of traffic the post generates. This aspect is controlled by a robot. It therefore makes it possible to control spam. But then, many people want to learn how to increase comment karma on Reddit. This article will guide you through the most important steps you need to know to get more comment karma on Reddit.

How does Reddit karma work?

It must be understood that Reddit karma cannot be compared to the game of upvotes and downvotes on the platform. When a post is published on Reddit, members who support it, upvote it, comment on it, or just upvote it. On the other hand, if the message does not impress a certain number of members, they take it down.

Upvotes are positive contributions to a post and increase your karma points. While downvotes are negative, they lower your Reddit karma points. Therefore, if a post attracts a large number of downvotes, you should know that the post will automatically go down. Please understand that upvotes and downvotes cannot be purchased.

Each member earns them virtually from Reddit users. So if you don’t want your posts to be demoted, you need to be careful about what you post. Your upvotes and karma points are hard-earned. So you must try at all costs to do things right.

Reddit Karma Essentials

If you are marketing on Redditit is necessary for you to understand the importance of Reddit karma in your posts. So can you benefit from Reddit karma? As we continue our discussion, you will get to know me better.

There is a buzz on the platform, asking why this is made a determinant of success on Reddit. If you’re growing a brand on Reddit, your karma is your touchpoint. This naturally makes people trust you and accept and trust your brand. Your karma will help you get enough viewers to receive your suggestions. Karma helps grow your brand on Reddit.

There are two types of karma on Reddit, post karma and comment karma.

Post Karma

Every time content is posted on SubReddit, it receives a vote. The content can be an external link or a text message. Every vote you get on your content is scored as karma. It will be displayed on your profile. If someone views you on Reddit, they can easily see your posting and comment karma. This gives credibility to your account.

Comment Karma

When a comment is submitted on an article, the upvotes it receives are considered comment karma. Therefore, if you comment, you must be careful and digest what you have to comment before sending the post. Valuable comments are upvoted and also boost the credibility of your profile.

Techniques to Get Karma from Reddit

As a brand on Reddit, your goal is to grow and get a good reputation. Therefore, you need to know how to increase comment karma on Reddit. Here are some verified steps to earn karma points on Reddit. They are easy to follow. However, you need to be judicious in everything you do to avoid attracting downvotes and getting your content trending downward.

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Popular subreddits will help you earn karma points

On Reddit, there are several large groups such as r/AskReddit, r/funny, and many others where you can leave trending comments. Leaving interesting comments on trending conversations will make you visible and earn karma points. So, the more good comments you leave, the more points you earn on your profile.

Know the Sub Reddit

Don’t post randomly on a SubReddit. Before submitting a comment or post, you need to understand the niche and make relevant submissions. Irrelevant submissions will be marked as spam.

Respect the rules

There are rules on any SubReddit you are on. Read and understand the terms and conditions for posting to the group before trying it. Additionally, to learn more about a community on Reddit, you can visit the following sites Reddit Content Policy and always be on the safe side. You can be banned from a community if you go against the rules.


There is a certain point where there are a lot of people online and ready to chat. Write down these moments and use them wisely. If you post a message when there are only a few members online, you may not get the type of response you want. Understand interactive timing to boost your visibility.

7 Steps to Increase Reddit Karma Effectively

If you don’t know how to increase comment karma on Reddit, then this article is for you. Here are proven steps on how you can increase your karma points and get your account good on Reddit. These strategies will improve your Reddit karma account. Although Reddit isn’t explicit about how the karma algorithm works, these steps will get you to the correct result.

1. Work from scratch

If you’re new to Reddit, it’s good to know that you won’t receive a warm welcome to Reddit. You have to work from scratch to gain credibility and earn your karma points. Newcomers do not have a voice or authority over the topics discussed on Reddit. So you have to prove yourself by working hard to get their points.

2. Study the T&Cs

Wherever you are, if you want to achieve mastery, you must understand the rules. However, on this platform you need to study the red rules.said Glossary. There are terminologies used here, know them. Thanks to this, you will be able to communicate easily on the platform.

3. Only drop valid answers

Don’t answer because you want to answer. Before responding, make sure the comment is relevant to the article and will provide more value to readers. This will help you earn karma points.

4. Don’t be negative

Don’t try to be negative or harsh in any of your posts or comments. This will only fuel hatred towards your profile, which is not recommended, especially for newbies. Even if it gets you a few votes, at the end of the day you may be mistaken for a spammer.

5. Only publish unique articles

Only post interesting and unique posts. This is what will make people quickly notice you and comment on your posts. You can just as easily present a controversial topic reasonably and it will be well accepted. Funny and informative posts also do well on the platform. They will allow you to gain many karma points.

6. Stay active

Stay active online so that when an article is published, you can be one of the first users to comment on it. So many users will see your comments and give upvotes. This will allow you to earn good points.

7. Footprints on r/AskReddit

r/AskReddit is one of the largest communities on Reddit. You can decide to answer questions sensibly or ask questions that will get attention-grabbing comments. If people are interested in your question, they will like it and upvote it. You will thus gain karma points beyond your expectations.


For some brands who are not lucky enough to follow the rules on how to increase comment karma on Reddit, use a professional social media marketing platform to get enough karma points for your profile. There is no magic formula to follow on this platform. Do it correctly and it will work effectively for you.

Before you know it, you’ll become a superstar on Reddit. These simple steps are here to guide you.

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